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This is a role-playing community based upon the television series Angel.

This game will be set during Season 1 of Angel. The storyline would begin after Doyle gets his divorce.

Please read through the rules before attempting to contact me about joining. After reading through everything, if you decide that you still want to participate then please send an email with your character choice and the LiveJournal username that you will be posting from. A link to a sample of your writing would also be nice. I will try my best to keep the cast list as up-to-date as possible. If you don't see the character that you want to play listed as already taken, then they are more than likely up for grabs.

The ABC's of this RPG

A. Posting once a week is a VERY GOOD THING and well...required. :) If you want to post more than that, go right ahead no one will stop you! If you have something come up that prevents you from meeting this teensy tiny requirement, please let me know so that I don't kick you out for being a slacker. :) But seriously, if you need extra time, I'm very reasonable and will/can work something out with you.

B. In your posts to the game, remember these things: proper grammar and punctuation are SEXY, spell check is your friend, and so is Dictionary.Com. There will also be no chatspeak here of any kind. I see it and you're gone. Simple as that.

C. There is an OOC community: bdh_ooc. This is where you have any questions regarding the game, game ideas, suggestions, worship of your lovely mod..basically anything out of character. Hence the name OOC community. :) Please use this and watch it for any updates about the game.

D. Remember, that while this is just a game, respect is something that must be in play AT ALL TIMES. You can't kill, hurt, maim, beat up someone's character without talking to them first. And you can't kill off your own character without talking to me first, because it could affect the entire game and other characters.

E. You must have a separate account for the character(s) you wish to portray. That's simple to understand, right? Ok, then I won't go any further with it.

F. Previous characters, that aren't dead, are welcome to join the game, as long as their backstory makes sense and they fit into the game.

G. Original characters are accepted, to a certain degree. They must make sense to the plot and not be a crazy powerful whatever that can kill everyone with a stare. Canon characters must be filled first.

H. If you want to leave the game, let me know so I have time to replace you and so the game won't stall.

I. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at wickedslayer. Or you can contact my co-mod sexytarawitch.

Cast List

Good Guys
Angel: stoic_angel_
Cordelia Chase: visiongirl
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: _wes_pryce_
Faith Hanley: wickedslayer

Bad Guys
Lilah Morgan: wolfhart_lilahm
Spike: lovesbitch
Tara Maclay: sexytarawitch

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