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10 September 2005 @ 11:08 pm
Night on the town...  
So yeah, I might’ve mentioned that I’d take her somewhere special tonight, go for a little trip in the car and break in the backseat a bit more but hell, I didn’t actually have anywhere in mind! Didn’t even really think we were going to do it. That didn’t stop Tara from going on about it for half the afternoon, soon as I’d finished shagging her in the shower she started about it. Where were we going to go? What were we going to do? Bloody hell, I was surprised she hadn’t asked me to list the positions I was going to fuck her in.

Then again, there weren’t that many you could pull off in the back of that car, not too much space see and the ceiling…

Well, anyway, the point was I had no idea how I was supposed to make this into the special occasion she wanted. I knew how to be romantic, done it a lot; roses, shiny little trinkets, a nice set of juicy twins for supper, but I hadn’t been romantic with Tara…hell, I didn’t even know if she liked twins.

But why did I care?

Yeah, like I didn’t know the answer to that question. I cared because I cared. Bitch’d done the deed, gotten under my skin and I’d be damned if I could tear her out, that’s why it had to be right tonight, so…well, guess I was finally ready to show her I was fond of her. I was fond of her, didn’t love her, but every day…

Wouldn’t do any good to stew over that though, I had more important things to think about right now.

I’d sent my girl off to hunt down the block while I had myself a looksee at what the local jewellery shop had to offer. If anything made a bird’s eyes light up it was something shiny and since I was supposed to be making this a special night for her, then I s’pose I should have something special to give her.

Of course, that’s about as much of tonight as I had planned. S’pose I could take her hunting somewhere a little quieter than LA, find some nice, sweet choirgirl for her to tie up in our shiny new basement and corrupt. I grinned to myself as I looked over the trinkets in the window. Yeah, she’d like that all right. Hell, I’d like that.

“So that’s settled,” I muttered, smashing my fist through the jewellers window and grabbing a diamond bracelet – it’d go nicely with that collar I’d gotten her – before striding off down the street as the shop’s alarm cut through the night.

“Little drive, little present, nice little victim.”
Tara Maclay: Primal Urgessexytarawitch on October 17th, 2005 05:28 am (UTC)
Took me some time but I finally got dressed in this amazing new outfit that I picked up a few days ago, it was nice to have a place to wear it. Well, wear it and get five steps before Spike ripped it off of me.

I stood in front of the mirror and sighed. This was frustrating, I look good - at least I hope so - and I can't even look at myself in the mirror. This is really sucking.

Looking down at my dress I grinned, the midnight blue and black corset was tied tightly and the silk skirt hung almost to my knees. I loved it, it was Goth and beautiful and I knew Spike would like it, love it hopefully. Not even that, I wasn't sure I cared if he liked it or not. I was happy with it and that's good enough.

I sighed and looked at the time, he was late and that didn't make me happy. Slipping my shoes on I headed out of our new place and down towards the cemetery where I knew he would be. But he wasn't. "Strange."

Closing my eyes I tried to get a feel for him before I started walking towards town, maybe I'll get a bite to eat before I found him.

I heard noise coming from down one of the streets before I turned down it to smile as I saw Spike fighting with some dark haired girl. I grinned wolfishly as I felt the power rolling off of her in waves and I was almost instantly fixated on her. Couldn't wait till Spike knocked her out and brought her home to play with, maybe as a present for me...

“Personally I like the one where the big bad monster eats the cocky little girl...or wait...Maybe he ties her up and plays with her a bit first. I can’t remember but either story’s good.”

"I hope you're going to include me Spike..." I said silkily as I walked towards them, making my presence known. Licking my lips I eyed her wound with hunger before trailing my eyes over her. "Pretty girl you are."

I watched as Spike looked her over and I could feel what he felt towards her and suddenly I could feel nothing but jealousy. Stupid whore. "Now who are you pretty little thing? Little playtoy my boy was gonna bring home to me?" I grinned and licked my fangs as my face shifted. "I do love it when they fight, makes the blood sweeter." Speaking of sweet, I could smell something on her, another scent. Something that didn't belong to her and I couldn't place it, now I was just itching to know.
Faith: delicate & wild- tinkermelliewickedslayer on October 17th, 2005 05:47 am (UTC)
I'd rolled back up to my feet and was ready to send off another sharp reply when suddenly some bitch walked right in and slithered on up to Spike like he was her piece of meat on a hook. Aww. Vamp Hallmark moment, wondered if I should leave the room and leave 'em to it. Oh wait. I didn't give a shit about vampires and their romances. They might as well both be piles of dust as far as I was concerned.

"Playtoy?" I raised an eyebrow because playtoy? Bitch please! But the more she talked the more I recognized her voice. I knew her from somewhere. Takin' a step forward I tilted my head to the side catchin' a glimpse of her face in the light of the moon.

"Guess Willow's not driving stick anymore."

"Holy shit! No way!" I couldn't help but let the snicker escape my lips as I glanced over at Spike. He sired Red's girlypal? "You sired Willow's girlfriend?" Suddenly a louder snicker began to make it's way up and out of my throat, so much I almost had tears in my eyes cause this? This was just fucking funny.

"You really get that desperate for a chick? You had to go out and bag Red's best gal. That's just...that's sweet." I started laughin' again, the annoyed looks coming from the vampires in front of me weren't going unnoticed but this was seriously just funny! "You are just gettin' wicked sad in your old age there, William."

Lettin' the snicker fade into my usual smirk I cracked my neck tilting it to the side before I shrugged and looked up at Spike's new girlfriend.

"You wanna play? Let's play."
Tara Maclay: Inner Demonssexytarawitch on October 18th, 2005 02:24 am (UTC)
Willow's girlfriend...Willow's girlfriend...

Was that all I was ever gonna be? I didn't even know who this chick is and she's tellin' Spike that he's low and some shit like that. Excuse me? Excuse me little miss leather too tight.

I'm miles away from Sunnydale and yet someone still knows me as Willow's piece of meat, the one she used while her little werewolf was off flogging and punishing himself for some dirty wrong he did.

She was pretty though, make a nice little pet for Spike and I back at the new house. I could always just chain her in the basement and have merry fun with her tight pretty little body. I didn't feel like cheating and using magick just yet, wanted to play around for a while.

"Not Willow's." I growled, narrowing my eyes at her before I let my fist fly and land square in her jaw. "Ohhh we're gonna play pretty little girl." I was so ready to play with this one. There was something different about her, something more and maybe even special. Didn't care really, I just wanted to make the pretty little thing bleed more.
ex_lovesbitc93 on October 23rd, 2005 11:36 am (UTC)
The bint wasn’t going down and while I didn’t expect it right away – she was a Slayer, after all – it’d be nice if she didn’t get up quite so bloody quickly. I was starting to think I needed to stop playing and get down to some good old-fashioned…

"I hope you're going to include me Spike..."

Fuck. “Tara,” I whispered through gritted teeth. This was not the time…

"Pretty girl you are."

“Tara,” I repeated, grabbing her arm and pulling her towards me. “This isn’t the best time pet, I’m trying to bag number three here, and in case it’s slipped your mind, they’re not that easy to put down, Slay--.”

"Holy shit! No way! You sired Willow's girlfriend? You really get that desperate for a chick? You had to go out and bag Red's best gal. That's just...that's sweet. You wanna play? Let's play."

Suddenly I was pissed for so many reasons that picking one seemed much less important that pounding the bitch’s head to mush and supping from her brain stem. I lunged forward, but it seemed that Tara had the same idea and got to her first, aiming a sharp right at her jaw and I was almost proud. Hell, I was proud…didn’t mean I was going to let her have my kill though.

Then again, maybe we wouldn’t kill her at all, I thought as I watched them fight. Thoughts of all the things I - and Tara, for that matter – could do to that ripe body of hers were starting to march through my mind. Dangerous business though, torturing a Slayer. Imagine what’d happen if we damaged her too much.

I grinned at the thought of a deranged Slayer roaming ‘round LA, causing strife. Bloody brilliant. But I didn’t have long to enjoy the idea ‘cause suddenly my girl was on her back. I sprinted forwards and grabbed the Slayer, slamming her into the wall and pushing my body against hers, leaning forwards so I could whisper into her ear.

“She was wasted on Willow,” I hissed. “I’m thinking we’ll take you home with us, show you just how much she’s extended herself under my tutelage.”
Faith: bend and break- tinkermelliewickedslayer on October 24th, 2005 08:42 am (UTC)
With a quick backhand I laid out the cocky little blonde flat on her back. Feelin' pretty proud of myself too cause damn that bitch liked to run her mouth. See how she liked her pretty little playtoy now. Cause this playtoy? Well, I come up swingin' nearly everytime and I'd lay her flat out on her back everytime and definitely not in a way that she was gonna be enjoyin' for long. Ya know, unless she got off on bein' dusted. Different strokes...

Suddenly my back slammed against the wall and I had a vampire pressed up against me so hard I was startin' to think about squirmin' a little bit just to get my jollies off. Then I remembered that low down tingle was really in wantin' to stake something. Kill these two and run on home to my girl to collect on the squirmin' bit.

Spike's hands tightened on my arms and I flinched a little bit visibly cause even though his chick didn't seem all that tough? I'd tangled with Spike twice now and both times neither of us had really won. Was this just gonna be a draw over and over again? I really didn't like those odds cause one of these days? One of us was gonna get lucky.

"You're a fuckin' wuss." Reachin' a hand down I squeezed his nuts between my fingers before he could pull my wrist away from the family jewels and slam it against the wall. "Seriously, c'mon, Spike. You're like this legendary badass fucking vampire and you pick her to be your bitch from now until the end of time? Man, guess Angel was right about you. You got no nuts. And as for the takin' me home part?"

Angrily I slammed my head forward lettin' my forehead collide with his just hard enough to get him to loosen his grip.

"We both know you're not man enough to handle it." I gave him a smirk before lickin' my tongue over my bottom lip and edgin' my way towards the door.

My eyes trailed back over to Tara who was gettin' up to her feet and lookin' wicked pissed off. Who could blame the girl?

"See ya around, cupcake." I winked at her before disappearing out the door.