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10 September 2005 @ 11:08 pm
Night on the town...  
So yeah, I might’ve mentioned that I’d take her somewhere special tonight, go for a little trip in the car and break in the backseat a bit more but hell, I didn’t actually have anywhere in mind! Didn’t even really think we were going to do it. That didn’t stop Tara from going on about it for half the afternoon, soon as I’d finished shagging her in the shower she started about it. Where were we going to go? What were we going to do? Bloody hell, I was surprised she hadn’t asked me to list the positions I was going to fuck her in.

Then again, there weren’t that many you could pull off in the back of that car, not too much space see and the ceiling…

Well, anyway, the point was I had no idea how I was supposed to make this into the special occasion she wanted. I knew how to be romantic, done it a lot; roses, shiny little trinkets, a nice set of juicy twins for supper, but I hadn’t been romantic with Tara…hell, I didn’t even know if she liked twins.

But why did I care?

Yeah, like I didn’t know the answer to that question. I cared because I cared. Bitch’d done the deed, gotten under my skin and I’d be damned if I could tear her out, that’s why it had to be right tonight, so…well, guess I was finally ready to show her I was fond of her. I was fond of her, didn’t love her, but every day…

Wouldn’t do any good to stew over that though, I had more important things to think about right now.

I’d sent my girl off to hunt down the block while I had myself a looksee at what the local jewellery shop had to offer. If anything made a bird’s eyes light up it was something shiny and since I was supposed to be making this a special night for her, then I s’pose I should have something special to give her.

Of course, that’s about as much of tonight as I had planned. S’pose I could take her hunting somewhere a little quieter than LA, find some nice, sweet choirgirl for her to tie up in our shiny new basement and corrupt. I grinned to myself as I looked over the trinkets in the window. Yeah, she’d like that all right. Hell, I’d like that.

“So that’s settled,” I muttered, smashing my fist through the jewellers window and grabbing a diamond bracelet – it’d go nicely with that collar I’d gotten her – before striding off down the street as the shop’s alarm cut through the night.

“Little drive, little present, nice little victim.”
Faith: let armies loose- tinkermelliewickedslayer on September 13th, 2005 06:05 pm (UTC)
Cor had taken off from the hotel in a huff pretty much leavin' me and Soul Boy to chill in silence and kinda wait around for her to get back. Didn't seem like either one of us ever had anything to say to eachother despite the fact that he was really the only one who could understand, ya know? I mean, he used to kill people all the time and he was all with bein' the big strapping hero now. Still. The two of us were quiet and after awhile I just couldn't take it anymore. No wonder Queen C bailed on us so quick. We were wicked depressing. Maybe it was good to get away from Cordy for a little while. Get some perspective or whatever the fuck you wanted to call it.

Besides, I needed to slay something. It'd been way too long and I was gettin' all kinds of tense sittin' around that hotel. So I grabbed my stake and told Angel I'd be back later. He just sorta grunted at me.

Aimlessly wandered around town for a wicked long time. Lookin' for some big nasty just dyin' to smack down. Sick of those little vision things I was gettin' and tonight? Tonight I just wanted to go out and fight without worrying about whether or not my migraine was ever gonna go away.

Didn't take me long at all to spot a familiar blonde figure bustin' on through the glass at a jewelry store. Killin' my girlfriend's friends, petty thievery. Yep, this guy needed to die. For real.

Takin' the stake out of my pocket I smirked as I sauntered on up to him. Didn't take long at all for his little slayer radar to kick in and he was turnin' around to look at me. Oh yeah, I knew he remembered me. Hadn't anyone ever told him that Bad Boy image was seriously tired?

"Stealing? Tsk tsk. Didn't you know that's all against the law and shit. I should call the cops." My smirk grew wider as his eyes swept over me. He recognized me and why shouldn't he? I was the monster the monsters feared.

"We been lookin' all over for you." I told him truthfully and we had. Only problem was he'd been nowhere to find when Angel was desperate to get paybacky on the dude who killed Doyle. "You been hidin'?"
ex_lovesbitc93 on September 17th, 2005 12:35 pm (UTC)
Bloody brilliant, I thought looking the Slayer up and down. Couldn’t just spend a peaceful night with my girl, could I? Come to think of it though…could be fun.

"Stealing? Tsk tsk. Didn't you know that's all against the law and shit. I should call the cops. We been lookin' all over for you. ou been hidin'?"

“Go for your life, love.” I said grinning. “Funny you should mention our boys in blue, had one last night, see.” I rubbed my belly absently and looked around. “Strangely addictive, think I might be developing a taste for ‘em.”

Refocusing, I took a step towards her.

“And as for hiding, I haven’t been. Maybe you just haven’t been looking right?” I cocked my head and peered at her. She smelt a might frustrated, held herself all stiff like she was itching for a good throw down…or itching to be thrown down…either or.

“Maybe you’re slipping. Got other things on your mind, I can tell.”

If she was as off her game as she looked then this would be the time. Yeah, just the time for me to slip in and have myself a real good night…sod the diamonds, blood of a Slayer’d make Tara’s night. Make mine too, it’d been too long.

“But seeing as you’re here n’all.” With that I lunged forward and threw a quick right at her pretty little face. Wouldn’t be so pretty when I’d finished with it.
Faith: in the end i alone- tinkermelliewickedslayer on September 17th, 2005 04:23 pm (UTC)
Narrowed my eyes at him when he said I had other things on my mind. Did I? Well, I always had some other shit on my mind almost all the time but it never stopped me from gettin' in a few good slays in between. Spike? He was gonna be fun to dust, I already knew that much. Bad Boy who liked to play around a little bit before he made his kill. You could tell he had fun with Doyle and now? Now I was gonna have fun with him. Then I could go home like a good little slayer and dutifully inform Cordy and Angel that I killed the bastard who killed their friend.

Spike threw a punch at me and I quickly ducked it, raising my leg up and aiming a kick at his chest that sent him staggering back a few steps. What? Did he think he was fighting B or something? Some slayers just laid down and took it. Me? Not so much.

"C'mon, Bad Boy. That's all you got for me?" I asked him with a smirk as I threw a punch at him that he easily caught in his hand. Using his hand on my arm to center me I kicked my legs over my head and flipped over, then used his own momentum to throw him through the window of the store he'd just been playin' in. The glass shattered all over the place as I crawled in the window after him.

By then he'd already sprung back up to his feet, cocky little smirk on his mouth to mirror my own. Suddenly I remembered how pissed off I was. If Doyle hadn't died I wouldn't be Miss Cleo for Angel and Cordy. I'd just be the Slayer, number two. But Spike had to kill Doyle and then I got slammed with the visions.

Thinkin' about how pissed I was about that I threw another punch at his jaw.
ex_lovesbitc93 on September 22nd, 2005 02:12 pm (UTC)
The bint was good, I’ll give her that. Seemed as if she needed to get laid though, all that pent up tension, n’ all.

Glass sprayed all over the concrete as I stood up to meet her, smirking. This was going to be fun but if she’d ripped my sodding coat, I wasn’t going to be nice and kill her fast…maybe I’d treat her to a little re-enactment of what I did to that Irish twat. Tara’d like that.

Bloody hell, since when was I always think what Tara’d like?

But as it turns out it wasn’t easy to ponder unlife’s more philosophical type questions when a pissed off as hell Slayer’s fist is hurtling towards your jaw. It struck me square in the fucking face and I stumbled back a few steps into the shattered glass of what was once the shop window.

Right then, this was started to piss me the bloody hell off.

“You punch like a girl.” I smirked, licking blood out of the corner of my mouth and picking up a large shard of glass. Before she could throw back an oh-so-witty retort I lunged at her, aiming a punch at her jaw and lashing out with the glass, cutting into her arm.

Smell of her blood filled the air, and that’s when I knew that I just had to have this little morsel.
Faith: haunt me with your violence- tinkermelliwickedslayer on September 23rd, 2005 10:46 pm (UTC)
"I'll take that as a compliment." I shot back at him just as he lashed out with a sudden punch that took me off guard and in the same movement cut a jagged piece of glass right into my arm. I hissed, recoiling instantly and lookin' down at the long streak of blood drippin' from my arm. Damn. Been a long time since I let a vamp get the drop on me that quick, if you didn't count Soul Boy kickin' my ass when he found out I had Wes and Cordy all locked up tight in that apartment.

"Son of a bitch." I muttered, putting a hand to my arm and tryin' to stop the bleedin' as I looked back up into that familiar cocky smirk. Oh? Did he think that was wicked funny? See if he'll be laughin' when I show him just how funny I could be.

I lashed out viciously, some of my hits he ducked out from underneath and some of them he took and traded some of his own. Could feel that familiar tingle under my skin, blood rushin' in my veins, thighs gettin' a little warmer as I continued to rain blow after blow on him and he was takin' it all and dishin' it right back out. Only other vamp I ever met who was like this was Angel. 'Cept Angel wasn't nearly as much fun to fight with.

Finally I landed the lucky punch to his chin and he shot back just as hard, knockin' me off my feet. Now I was gettin' pissed. Oh wait. I already was pissed. Lunging at him I knocked him to the ground hard, lettin' his head bounce off the floor before I reached into my waistband for my stake.

"Time to say goodnight." I said with a smirk as I brought the stake down quick and hard towards his chest.
ex_lovesbitc93 on October 4th, 2005 01:28 am (UTC)
She was a little trooper, as it turned out, just wouldn’t give up. The little Slayer that could. But I gave as good as I bloody got, and if she wanted to play then I—

But suddenly she collided with me, pushing me to the ground. Normally I’d be more than happy to have a bird like her squirming ‘round on top of me, but as it turned out there was less squirming and more my head bouncing of the sodding cement…

"Time to say goodnight."

Luckily, I had a thick skull.

My arm shot out and I grabbed her wrist centimetres before her stake sunk into my chest. She was good, no doubts there, not good enough though. “Oh come on, love,” I said, grinning and twisting her wrist. “Not even going to read me a bedtime story?” I wrenched her wrist around painfully and she finally dropped the sodding stake, I took advantage of the moment and pushed her off me, standing quickly and backing off a little.

Time to get bloody serious, this girl wasn’t playing, not one bit. Hell, I almost liked her.

“Personally I like the one where the big bad monster eats the cocky little girl...or wait,” I continued thoughtfully. “Maybe he ties her up and plays with her a bit first. I can’t remember but either story’s good.”