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25 August 2005 @ 04:13 pm
She's got the air to float above it  
I got the job. I got the job! I couldn't believe it! I mean, hello I so could believe it because I am fabulous but I got the job! My mind was somewhere else and they held up those cue cards and I read them and remembered all that crap that Christie was always trying to shove down my throat back when I first moved to L.A. All that stuff about how to make yourself noticed and stand out from all the other actresses that want your job. It was really hard at first because back in Sunnydale? I was the it girl. There weren't a thousand other girls trying to clambor over me in high priced shoes so they could steal the limelight away from me. So I remembered all the things she told me and then I promptly threw them out the window and forgot it all. I didn't think I had the job but at the end of my audition they pulled me aside and told me I could come in tomorrow. I couldn't wait to go home and tell Angel and Faith. And now I was alot more glad that Faith was around because if I started acting professionally I wasn't going to have time to be office assistant gal anymore. Faith and Angel would have to do all that while I was on my way to fame and fortune. It was inevitable. I couldn't wait to go to work the next day.

Side effects may include dry mouth, dizzyness, headache, fatigue, some sexual dysfunction....

Alright, fine. I was the spokesmodel for the newest experimental drug. Whatever! It was a job! I'd get my face out there and before I knew it was I sure I'd be getting parts in series and sitcoms and then movies and I'd have a private jet, and a giant pool, and a twenty million dollar estate in the Hollywood hills. I was getting giddy just thinking about it, and I practically ran home to tell Faith and Angel. Of course, when I actually got there Angel was snoozing away in the bat cave and Faith was no where to be found. Great. Who was I going to share my big news with now? I thought about stopping over at my apartment and sharing my news with Wesley and Dennis. I really needed to go over there soon anyway and talk to Wesley about staying here with us. And by staying here with us I meant evacuating my apartment. I missed my ghost and my...did he have any idea how hard I slaved to get that apartment? Ok, well I didn't really have to slave for it but I lived in a really disgusting apartment for a really long time before Doyle found that apartment for me. And I missed Doyle alot and that apartment felt like...well, maybe it was the only piece I had left of him.

Finally the door opened and I glanced up from my spot at the desk to see Faith saunter in full of her usual cocky swagger. A bright smile lit up my face as I got up from the desk quickly and walked over to her. I was about to tell her my fabulous news when I actually took a good look at her. She was covered in...slime? Eww.

"What happened to you?" I demanded and hey! How had she already managed to ruin the new clothes I'd bought for her.

"Got in a fight." She replied sullenly as usual. I only rolled my eyes. Could she possibly give me any less information? Got into a fight? Well, that was pretty much par for the course with Faith. What kind of fight? Was she hurt? Why did she have that dejected look on her face? My mind raced with the possibilities as she just stared at me like I was the one who just waltzed in with slime covered clothes.

"Are you okay?" I finally asked tentatively, unsure of what might set her off. Not that I was afraid afraid of Faith anymore. More just afraid of pushing her away, because it was really easy to do. She ran from everything. So far I'd managed to keep her from running from me but I wasn't sure how much longer she would let me reel her back in. Faith was unpredictable, but she sort of felt like mine. I mean, as weird as it was-- she was mine.

"Little sticky." She replied brusquely before pushing past me towards the stairs. "I'm gonna shower. I'll tell you about it when I get out." And with that she disappeared around the corner and upstairs. She didn't even ask if I wanted to come with her...into the shower. Because the shower was where things happened and she pretty much wanted to be left alone. I could take a hint. I could! I knew when someone wanted to be left alone. It was just that sometimes I didn't care.

Fifteen minutes later I was sitting on the edge of the tub and demanding to know what had happened to her and why she was scrubbing so much slime off of her body. I had been expecting a lot of things...at least I thought I had been expecting alot of things but saving Wesley from a vision demon? Definitely hadn't been one of them. I couldn't believe that Wesley actually let Faith help him after everything that she'd put us through (and he wasn't nearly as forgiving/understanding as I was). Let probably wasn't the right word. It was hard to let Faith do anything. She pretty much just did what she wanted to do and apparently she wanted to save Wesley. I smiled at that. Because it meant that I was right. That Faith really could be helped, that she really wanted to do good things even when she was acting like a psycho skank.

I didn't want to pry but...yes I did. Prying was my middle name.

"So, did you and Wes....?"

"Kiss and make up?" She snorted at that. "What do you think?"

Right. That answered that question I guess but I still wasn't exactly happy about all the half information Faith was always giving me. Maybe it was because I was bugging her in the shower. I should ask her after the sex. She was always most agreeable and strangely talkative after that. She looked a little too cranky for sex now and I realized suddenly that I hadn't even shared my job news! I wanted to share the happiness with someone and it hit me like a tidal wave that the person I wanted to share it most with was Faith. Faith who was really cranky and scrubbing slime off of her pale curves.

Picking up Faith's soiled clothes from the bathroom floor I made an ick face before tossing them in the garbage can. Those were almost more toxic then the mold I found growing all over Doyle's apartment. I shuffled off downstairs figuring that when Faith was done working out whatever it was she had to work out she'd come downstairs and tell me more. Maybe. Hopefully. In theory.

I spent most of the afternoon and early evening doing paperwork as Faith railed into the punching bag downstairs. Still working out her issues I guess. Angel finally crawled out of his little hole in the world.

"Good morning, Sleepyhead." I greeted him as I put a cup of fresh pig's blood in his hand.

He only gave me a look before nodding and taking the cup from me. Then he promptly shut himself in his office without another word. Okay! That was enough of that! How did I get stuck with the two most stoic stubborn people in the whole world? I hadn't even told anybody about my fabulous new acting job yet! Did I suddenly go invisible girl? Marching straight over to Angel's door I flung it open and he glared up at me in surprise.


"What? You what? Good morning, Cordelia. It's nice to see you. How was your day, Cordelia? Have I told you how great your hair looks, Cordelia?" I railed into him, hand on one hip as I gave my patented eyebrow raise.

"Ummm....what?" He shook his head and gave me a confused look. Oh right. His pain was more important than everybody else's so he had to close himself in some tiny little room and blame himself for Doyle and shut the rest of the people who love him out! Well guess what, pal? I have pain too! I have alot of pain but that didn't mean that the world stopped turning. Or that we could just all hide away.

"Ummm...what?" I shot back at him. "I got a new job today. An acting job which I would have told you all about if you'd bothered to ask me about my day. But you don't. You just storm around here and then hide in your office all day so that no one can see how sad you are about Doyle. well, you know what? I'm sad about Doyle too! He died, but I'm still here. Faith is still here. You are still here. Why don't you start acting like it instead of shutting all the people who love you because it makes you feel better. God, you are just as bad as she is. Maybe the two of you can run the business together because I'm going home and I won't stick around to watch the good thing that we started with Doyle go up in flames because you are so damn sad!"

He was speechless and I was...well, not. Instead I turned around and marched out of the hotel, my heels clicking solidly on the lobby floor before the door slammed behind me. I was sick and tired of being the glue that holds everything together around here. I gave them a day before they came looking for me, begging me to come back. I mean, Angel and paper work? That would be funny if I wasn't so pissed off.

I walked all the way back to my apartment which in all actuality wasn't that far. Someone must have been happy to see me too because the door opened right away and I felt something ushering me in.

"It's good to see you too, Dennis." I smiled as a cup of tea suddenly appeared in my hand. "Where's Wesley?" I asked him just as I heard someone moving around in the bathroom. Oh right. Faith wasn't the only one who got slimed.
visiongirl on August 29th, 2005 04:24 pm (UTC)
I rolled my eyes when he asked me how things were going at the hotel. My hostility wasn't directed at him and I hoped that he got that. Angel and Faith? Not exactly the easiest people to live with. Not that living with one or the other of them would probably be so bad but both of them together? It was enough to drive a girl crazy. See! Wesley needed to come work at Angel Investigations because I couldn't stand to put up with it by myself! Misery loved company and well, I wasn't miserable but having Wesley around would either make things seriously worse or seriously better. I hadn't decided yet, but I was willing to bet it was better.

Besides, Wesley was just like the rest of us. He needed a place to fit into the world. And I didn't see why he couldn't fit with the rest of us. We'd all been shunned out of Sunnydale. well, okay. I pretty much declared myself too good for those freaks and left but still. It wasn't like any of us were ever part of that inner circle. The best any of us could hope for was dating a total loser, being the runner up slayer or the runner up watcher. Okay that? That was depressing.

I arched an eyebrow when Wes offered to let me play Scrabble with them. Scrabble? Oh God, I really had left them to their own devices for far too long. Wesley was already about to break open the Scrabble board when I heard a bath running in the bathroom and frowned. What the...? Dennis was running me a bath. Was he trying to tell me something? God! I just bought this perfume, it doesn't smell that bad?

Then I saw the look on Wesley's face and I understood. Dennis missed me. And as well he should, he was the best roomate I'd ever had.

"Dennis," I called, craning my neck to look over at the bathroom. "Dennis, I don't need a bath right now. Thank you though." I heard the water turn off as I looked back at Wesley.

"So, how are things going with you? I haven't seen you in a few days. Did you and Faith make up sort of maybe a little?"

Alright, so tact was clearly not my specialty.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Glasses_wes_pryce_ on August 30th, 2005 11:16 am (UTC)
Slightly taken aback by her eyerol, I took a step back. I guess not all was well at the hotel. Did that mean that Faith had gotten there or not? I’m not going to ask, I mean the girl made it pretty clear she could take care of herself. And it wasn’t as if I cared in the slightest was it? Of course not.

“Well, I suppose scrabble is out then,” I mumbled, shrugging as I walked over to the cupboard to put the game back. I winced when I felt my shoulder pull and was once again reminded that going out to hunt demons when one just got through a torture session, wasn’t really a smart thing to do. Then again, it wasn’t as though I’d had much of a choice. I didn’t see Angel swoop down and take care of things. No, he’s at the hotel moping. I guess I should give him some consideration, after all his friend just died. But if Cordelia can handle it, then he really should be able to.

Raising my eyebrow as the water in the bathroom stopped, I snatched the tea floating in the air again away and sauntered back to Cordelia. And Dennis had better not rattle that bottle of pills again, or I’ll find a way to hit him.

“How about watching a movie or some such? Dennis and I are taping ‘friends’ so I’ll have to see what else is on.” I could hear Dennis approving to that loudly, making sounds in the kitchen. I guess he really does like making snacks. He’d probably be happier with a more….appreciative audience, I guess. Then again, I’m not usually much of an eater.

"And Faith and I didn't make up at all. I think she only helped me to get rid of her headache. I'd like to think otherwise, but you'll pardon me if I'm not entirely convinced." Unconsciously I rubbed my arm. It was still half numb from what she'd done to it.
visiongirl on September 1st, 2005 05:29 am (UTC)
I tried to not waiver on the smile that I was shooting directly at him. The please do what I ask you to do smile that I couldn't seem to put away right now because Wes and Faith hadn't made up. Both of them had told me so even though I had to practically drag it out of both of them. Ugh! Sometimes Wesley was as bad as the two of them. No. He wasn't nearly as bad, just a little bit. That was why I needed him to stick around. We needed a balance at Angel Investigations and I didn't care what Angel said. We needed Wesley.

"How about we go for a walk?" I asked brightly as Wes turned around and gave me a dubious look. "You know a walk with this realtor I happen to know who also owns this building and has an apartment for rent a few doors down." He was still looking at me confused and I thought about rolling my eyes but decided against it.

Putting my hand on Wesley's arm I met his gaze and gave him a serious look. "I know I told you you could stay here as long as you want and I totally meant that and everything..." But oh my God I can't take living at the hotel with Angel anymore! "But since you're gonna be in town for awhile and working for Angel now I thought maybe you could get a place of your own that's not far from here at all. Doesnt' that sound great?" I smiled at him widely again as he gave me another confused look. Did he notice how I hadn't even asked him what his plans were? Just assumed. Well, that's what they should be and he knew it. Even if he didn't want to admit it.

"I'm sorry that you and Faith haven't worked things out but she is trying. Don't you think she deserves a second chance? That we all do?" I asked him, tilting my head to the side and wandering where this conversation could possibly go.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes phone S1/2_wes_pryce_ on September 2nd, 2005 08:34 pm (UTC)
A walk? She wants us to go for a walk? Whatever for? I'm glad to be finally home and sitting down! I got tossed around, smacked about, I'd really like to sit down for a bit. "I'd rather sit down and relax if you don't mind," I try, nodding at Dennis as he waves the tape of friends around and picks up my tea. I guess he was looking forward to a nice evening as well. And he does like it when Cordy comes by.

Wait. Realtor? Why would I want to go to a realtor? My eyes wide when she mentions that there's an apartment for rent a few doors down. Oh god, she wants me out of here. I've been overstaying, but she never said a word. She * liked* living at that bloody hotel with Faith and Angel. I knew I was right to worry about her! She doesn't want to live at the hotel.

"You should've said something Cordelia," I say softly, smiling when I get my tea out of the air before Dennis drops it. "I'll pack my...things and move back into a hotel tomorrow. I'm sure there are cheap rooms available." I can't rent an apartment. I don't have money for an apartment. I've a hospital bill to pay, I've no work. Well Angel, but really, when is he going to pay? He didn't seem all that convinced about me working for him.

And then there was Faith. And I have to say Cordy's words hurt. Makes me wonder what Faith told her. That I what? Was mean to her? Kicked her out? Didn't let her fight the demon? Wasn't polite to her? What?

"I don't think I'm the one you should be talking about second chances, Cordelia," I said stiffly. "Perhaps you'll be better of taking that up with Faith. Just because she didn't kill me or hurt me when we fought that demon, doesn't mean she didn't want to. I've tried, I've really tried, but I don't think we'll going to make it work. Perhaps it's best if I move on, since she seems to be doing well around you and Angel." Running a hand through my hair, I sink down on the sofa, my good mood quickly evaporating.
visiongirl on September 4th, 2005 06:17 am (UTC)

A motel? Did he have to be difficult about absolutely everything? I guess that was a big fat old yes to that question. God! Why couldn't anybody just work with me?! I was just about ready to tell him to enjoy his motel, enjoy dwelling on everything that's past so that he could never move onto what's ahead. Maybe Wes, Faith and Angel could start a club! The drive Cordelia crazy with the incessant brooding and being stubborn. God!

"Wesley!" I exclaimed, loudly still annoyed that I hadn't been able to share my news with anyone except when I was yelling at Angel back at the hotel. "You don't have to do that! The first month and deposit is already paid for. All you have to do is go sign the lease. The apartment is almost identical to this one! I'd move there myself but my stuff is already here." I smiled at him hoping to ease the tension that suddenly built up between the two of us.

Oh, screw it.

"That's where you're wrong, Mister." I narrowed my eyes at the sudden holier than thou attitude he took on. "What did you come to L.A. looking for Wes? I know you said you were a rogue demon hunter now or whatever, but you were laughed out of Sunnydale!" I saw him flinch and I felt bad because I hadn't meant to bring up old bad issues but I had a valid point.

"You came here looking for a second chance. We all did. Faith too. She might not have made the best decisions...okay, she made some really bad decisions. I was there too! But she's trying and she deserves a second chance just like the rest of us do."
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes angry S2_wes_pryce_ on September 5th, 2005 08:58 am (UTC)
I nearly jumped when she started to yell at me. Why was she yelling at me for now? Why was everyone always yelling at me? I didn’t understand. She wanted her place back, and I was doing just that. Now what did I do wrong? My god, this whole town is sodding confusing. I thought she at least wouldn’t be, I thought we understood each other.

Wait, wait just one bloody minute. The place is paid for? “I refuse to be someone’s charity case, Cordelia,” I replied stiffly. It had been bad enough when Angel paid for the hospital bill that one time. “I can pay for my own things.” Though, barely. I doubt it’s identical to this one. The other one doesn’t have Dennis, which is the *only* reason this particular apartment is so cheap. The others ones? Not so much. “I cannot afford a place like this, Cordy. There wouldn’t be a Dennis in there to make it cheaper.” Besides, I’d miss Dennis too.

I was just about to thank her for her time though when she had to go and mention Sunnydale. I flinched at that, not really needed that reminder. But then she moved onto Faith and made it sound as though I’d not even been trying when it came to her.

“Excuse me if I pause your ranting right there for a moment?” I held up my hand, giving her a look that bordered between confused and hurt. “As I recall, *I* was the one who let the girl who tortured me for hours on end with great pleasure, as you remember since you just mentioned you were there, sit behind me on my motorcycle. I turned my back on her and hoped she had mine while fighting a demon that could’ve easily snapped me in two. So what I’d like to know is what gave you the idea that I *wasn’t* trying to give her a second chance.”

Taking a deep breath, I ran a hand through my hair and shook my head. “She was the one who looked at me as though she still wanted to rip me in half, Cordelia. She was the one who looked at me as though I was a waste of time. She was the one who only helped me out because of a vision, I highly doubt she’d have done so otherwise. I paid my dues when she tied me to that chair and nearly killed me. I think I’d have had every right to say no when she practically demanded to let her tag along. But I didn’t. So don’t make it sound as though it’s all my fault, and that I’m the one who’s not giving her a second chance, Cordelia. I’ve made the first move, the second one is up to her.” And can we not talk about something other then Faith?
visiongirl on September 8th, 2005 03:38 am (UTC)
"Well, you're not a charity case if you come and work for us!" I said really loudly because it wasn't me that was paying for the deposit on his apartment. It was the business. Okay, so Angel didn't know about it yet but he'd be fine with it. He better be fine with it! Especially after the crap he'd been pulling lately. "And it's the same price as this apartment which I've still been paying the rent on by the way." I arched an eyebrow up at him almost feeling bad because I knew that he would miss Dennis. But dammit! Dennis was my ghost. I missed him too. Especially the loofah. I really missed that loofah.

My mouth dropped open when he accused me of ranting. Ranting? Oh, he hadn't seen anything yet. You want to see a rant? I'd show him a rant. Oh he'd be begging for the old definitely not rant after I started ranting.

Should I mention that I let the girl who tortured us both into my bed everynight? Probably not. Somehow I didn't think that would go over all that well. "You're basing this all on a look, Wesley? A look? Because if we're basing everything on a look, Mr. I Look Annoyed Everytime I Look at Anything and by the way has anyone ever told you that you're paranoid?" I got off track for a second and then quickly shook my head trying to focus on whatever it was I was supposed to be focusing on. Oh right! The apartment. Getting Wesley to actually stay.

"What else are you going to do, Wes? We're offering you a place. A place with people, a place that you can call home and a place that is offering you a steady paycheck doing good work. We save people's souls, Wesley. We help the hopeless. How can you possibly turn your back on that?"
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Glasses_wes_pryce_ on September 10th, 2005 05:15 am (UTC)
“I have been helping out with the rent,” mumbled when she went off into a rant as well. It was then that no matter what I said the moment, she wasn’t really listening. There was something going on between her and Faith, that much was clear now. Because why else would the only person I can trust and is just about my only friend, still defend the one who tried to kill us both. She completely ignored the fact that I *had* been giving Faith a second chance. And jumped right on the Faith bandwagon.

Something was definitely going on there. I didn’t like it. It felt as though I lost my only friend, even though she was standing right there, ranting away again. I had tried so hard to let Faith in, to give her that bloody second chance. Only to have it somewhat thrown back in my face. And not just by her, I could handle her. I was expecting Faith to do so. But by Cordelia as well. I’d not been expecting that.

How can I possibly turn my back to that? Just turn around and walk away. It’s quite easy, I’ve done it before. In Sunnydale. Though, admittedly, I wasn’t actually wanted there. And with Faith being here now? I wasn’t all to certain about this place either. I sighed as she kept going on, suddenly so bloody tired of it all. I should just give in and forget about it all. So what if she nearly killed me, so what if Angel was a vampire and helping him went against my very being. So what if Cordy kept on defending Faith who nearly tried to kill us both.

Dennis floated my tea up again and shook the box with the scrabble game. I smiled sadly at him and shook my head. “Not now, Dennis. Cordelia and I are going to look for this other apartment,” I told him. The box dropped and some books started to flutter. “I’ll still come visit you. I’m sure Cordy wouldn’t mind if I came over for our weekly night of scrabble or monopoly or so.” Wonder if he’s really stuck to this place or if we can get him to roam through the whole complex.
visiongirl on September 10th, 2005 08:07 pm (UTC)
The smile instantly brightened on my face when I finally got my own way. It was about time! And I wasn't sure if he was agreeing to look at this apartment because he knew I was right or just to shut me up. Either way? It worked out fine for me because I was going to have my apartment back and I just knew I could convince Wesley to come work at Angel Investigations. We needed someone like him. Personally? I was a nightmare with a book in my hand.

"You know you're welcome anytime, Wes." I said seriously as I heard the sound of water running and Dennis washing dishes in the kitchen. God, he really was the best roomate ever. It was good to be home. And away from the broody dark avengers.

Standing up from where I'd been sitting I nodded at Wes who was still giving me a sour look thinly veiled behind his usual stiff one as we made our way to the door.

"You're going to love it. It's exactly the same as this apartment except...you know, on the other side of the building." So I can have my apartment back! Not that I was anxious or anything but try living and working in that hotel.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Glasses books_wes_pryce_ on September 10th, 2005 08:40 pm (UTC)
My eyebrow raised at overenthusiastic...err...enthusiasm. Was she that desperate to get her place back? Well why had she not told me so before? I felt very bad for intruding now, even though I had helped out with bloody rent. It's not as though she had been by a god awful lot. To busy being at the hotel, with...her.

She was practically bouncing as she moved over to the door. Getting up, I followed her with a sigh and at a far more sedate pace. My coat flow over and I smiled into the air. "I don't think I'll need it, Dennis. We're only going to the other side of the building." Other side of the building. Why did that sound so far away? Odd.

"Thank you anyway," I smiled up at him and then followed Cordelia out the door. I was still tired and sore from that bloody demon hunt, but if she wanted to go house calling then fine. Whatever makes her happy I suppose. I do wish she'd have told me sooner though.

"I thought you were quite happy at the hotel," I asked curiously as I finally caught up with the whirlwind named Cordelia. "Did something other then the usual happen?"
visiongirl on September 12th, 2005 07:08 am (UTC)
Quite happy at the hotel? Not so much. Relieved that Wesley was still alive and so was Faith and that both of them were somehow coerced into staying in town despite the fact that both of them want to bail really bad. I wasn't sure how I was keeping them both around, but I did know? Well, okay...I was a little on the lonely. Yes. Cordelia Chase. Toast of Sunnydale High didn't really have any friends in the big city. Totally pathetic right? Of course, there were the other actresses that I sometimes went shopping with but their lives were so very different from mine.

And there was Angel who showed up about as much emotion as one of those creepy Teletubbies things. Except Teletubbies probably had better taste in music. Eww. There was nothing like listening to a two hundred year old vampire croon Mandy in the shower. That? That was just disturbing.

"No. But you try living and working with Angel and Faith. They're like these gigantic emotional black holes. I just don't understand how anybody lives that way." And one of them? Had been living that way for over two centuries. Well, maybe living wasn't exactly the best word to use. Existing?

When we got out into the foyer I could see the landlady waiting for us expectantly. So we were a little late. Did she really care if the deposit was already taken care of?

"You must be Mr. Wyndam-Pryce." She said with a big fake smile as she reached out a hand to shake his. "I'm Helen Prezio and I bet you want to see your new apartment."

Oh my God, she was more fake than Britney Spears and way more annoying. It was a good thing besides paying my rent on time? I never actually had to deal with the woman.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Glasses2 by ?_wes_pryce_ on September 12th, 2005 07:40 am (UTC)
Pushing my hands in my pocket, I giver her a curious look as she seems to think that over. Personally I find the hotel rather depressing. Far to dark for my liking, but that might be because I've only really been there while it still was infested with that Thesulac demon.

"Well no," I agree when she finally tells me she's not enjoying living at the hotel at all. "I don’t' imagine it would be." Cordelia is light and brightness and... well, happiness. And living there must suck that right out of her. Of course I had my personal reasons for being rather happy she decided not to stay there. I wasn't about to tell her that though, she did seem to have taken on the roll of Fait's protector.

Funnily enough, Faith might not think it. But she does need protection. Mostly against herself. I just wonder if Cordelia is the one to provide that.

When we get into the foyer of the building, that old dragonder is waiting with a fake smile on her face. I've seen her before, she's been glancing at me the few times I've been out of the apartment. Those beady little eyes following me. I shivered when her overly cheerful voice floated over to us.

"Yes, I'd like to see the apartment," I reply, plastering on a fake smile of my own. Shaking her hand shortly, I pull it back and put it in my pocket again, smile still in place.

She starts to blather on about the place being neat and clean and most of her tenants are so very polite and how I would be an addition to that. Raising my eyebrow, I turn toward Cordelia and roll my eyes.

"She used to be a failed Hollywood star right?" I ask in a whisper as we start after the woman.

"Come along now Mister Wyndam-Pryce!" Mrs. - or Miss I don't know - Prezio squeals. And before I know it her hand is on my arm and I'm dragged toward the apartment they want to show me.
visiongirl on September 13th, 2005 07:10 pm (UTC)

I smiled when Wesley hit the nail right on the head. Failed Hollywood star? Something like that. Not that I was about to loudly tell Wes that Ms. Prezio tried her hardest to become a movie star and ended up starring in a ton of softcore porn movies. I was just surprised he didn't recognize her. Eww. Besides, wasn't everyone in L.A. a failed movie star? Except me. I had a job now. A job where I could be an actor that was going to pay me. So one day? I wouldn't be failed, and I'd look back on these days and smile about how poor I was helping the hopeless.

Helen dragged Wesley inside the apartment and just like I promised? It looked exactly the same as mine did. I didn't think there was a ghost haunting this apartment but you never could tell. With our lives? There could be a dozen ghosts haunting this apartment. Not that I minded sharing Dennis with Wes for his Monopoly or Scrabble or whatever it was the two of them had been doing. I just needed my own place back before the hotel started to drive me crazy.

And yes, it could drive me crazy even without a scary paranoia demon that made me think everything was after me. Let's never do that again.

"Well, what do you think?" Helen asked Wesley after the two of us had inspected almost every nook and cranny of the apartment.

What does he think? He better like it! I needed him to take this apartment and come and work with us and dammit he needed it too whether or not he wanted to admit to that.