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31 July 2005 @ 02:39 am
This place is a shithole.

Why can’t we live somewhere nice?

We don’t even have proper running water.

For fucks sake, don’t know why the bint needed bloody running water any…Oh sod it, I’d long since stopped trying to nut out why women wanted or needed anything. Didn’t much care either…’course there was one thing I cared about, and that was keeping a willing bed mate. That, and well, I was actually beginning to like the bird, so I guess I’d better be the gentleman and get her what she wanted.

Get in some quality violence at the same time if I was lucky.

She wanted somewhere swish to live then I’d bloody find her somewhere swish to live. If only because it might stop her prattling on long enough for her to use that pretty little mouth of hers for other things.


I lit a fresh fag and threw a bill on the bar, time to stop dillydallying and get down to business. I was headed downtown, knew a little demon…family, I s’pose you could call ‘em but this wasn’t a social call. They had themselves a nice little flat, see, running water, the whole works. Yeah, lived like right sodding sell-outs with all their human luxuries…not that I was one to sneer; human luxuries definitely had their advantages but in my experience it was best not rely on ‘em for too long, else you’ll find you get sloppy, go out one night and more than likely get yourself dusted

Anyway, the point was they owed me a favour and I was going to call it in tonight. In the form of their flat.

I knocked and waited. Not long before it swung inwards and there was the head of the household in all his ugly-ass glory.


“Yeah, look I don’t have time to chitchat,” I interrupted. “I’m calling in that favour you owe me,” I said, looking over his shoulder into the apartment. Nice. Comfy looking couch and a nice big dinning room table…perfect for bending naughty little girls over for a nice hard shag. I grinned and licked my lips before looking back at the demon. He looked nervous. Rightly so, too.

“Of course, just tell us what--,” He began.

“Get out,” I interjected.


“Get. Out. Been house hunting see,” I threw my fag on the carpet and ground it out with my boot. “And with the market the way it is these days, well I just can’t seem to find anything I fancy in my price range.”

I grabbed onto the threshold and leaned in towards him.

“I fancy your digs though, so take your sprogs and get. The bloody hell. Out

“But where will we go? What…what are we going to do..?

Oh, please. I grabbed his head and twisted it, breaking his neck. His body slumped to the ground and I stepped over it. “Yeah, I really don’t give a damn, mate,” I said watching as the rest of his family screamed and started scampering about like bloody great cockroaches. Gotta love nicking digs from demons, never had to bother with the pesky invitation.

As I killed off rest of the brood a thought occurred to me.

Probably shouldn’t be doing this – not the killing, I should definitely be doing that – no the apartment, catering to Tara’s every bleedin’ whim. Next thing I’d be telling her I loved her and we all know where that gets a bloke. Nowhere fun. Oh hell, I’d just tell her it was because I was sick of her going on about it all the time, it was, but it was more…I

Bugger it, looked like I was headed back down that old familiar slippery slope. Oh well, just as long as I didn’t let on.

After I’d gotten rid of the bodies down the laundry chute I locked up and headed back to the flat to wait for my girl. She’d be right chuffed when she saw the place I’d found her…probably more so when we’d gotten some minions to clean up the demon blood stains, but still.

Wish she’d hurry up and get home.
_poutylips_ on August 2nd, 2005 06:12 am (UTC)
I watched Lilah leave and I followed shortly after, this place was boring me. It wasn't long before I got out of the building, found myself someone - ok, a few someone's - to 'snack' on and then head home.

They fixed the car and I loved it even better, they finally took that damn stentch that must have been there for more than twenty years. I hoped Spike liked it.

I could feel him before I saw him, turning my head I saw him walking up the street and I just smiled as I sat on the hood of our new spiffed up car. I hope he liked what they did to it, if not fuck him.

"Hey baby..." I smirked, pulling him to me and wrapping my arms around his neck. "Do you like? I went to see that whore lawyer today...got us some nice shiny things." I felt like a kid in a candy store. "Wanna know what I got?" I leaned forward and licked his lips before whispering in his ear. "You've gotta look for it..." I knew he'd get a kick out of finding the key on me...
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 2nd, 2005 12:49 pm (UTC)
As it turns out I didn’t have wish too hard, ‘cause as I approached the flat there she was, pretty little arse perched on the car and looking like the cat that got the sodding cream. Wonder what my wicked little princess’d been up to, then? Whatever it was, she was mightily pleased with herself by the looks of it.

Then as I got closer I saw the car. Really saw the car. My car. What the bloody hell had she done?

"Hey baby...Do you like? I went to see that whore lawyer today...got us some nice shiny things."

Ignoring her, I ran my eyes over the car in disbelief. It looked good as bloody new…posh new tinted widows, the whole sodding bit…

"Wanna know what I got?”

“I can bloody see what you’ve--” I began.

“You've gotta look for it..."

“Don’t need to look for it pet,” I said angrily, pushing her back onto the hood of the care roughly. “I can see what you’ve bloody done!” And what she’d done was managed to wipe away decades of memories in one afternoon of sucking on some lawyers prick. Fucking hell. Yeah okay, it did look a hell of a lot better…and I bet it drove better too. But…well, she could’ve asked.

But my rage started to die down soon enough and I grabbed the handle to have a looksee what she’d done to the interior - probably got it kitted out in bloody purple suede or some such, I shuddered to think – but it wouldn’t open.

“Oh I see, locked me out too, have you?” I asked softly, walking back to her, grabbing her and sitting her back on the hood of the car. “Playing a little game then, are we?” I asked grinning and running my hands down her front. “Hidden the key somewhere,” I ripped her shirt open, exposing her bare tits to the cool night air. “And I’ve got to find it.”

“Well it doesn’t seem to be here,” I ground out, running my hands roughly over her breasts. “Let’s check somewhere else…you can tell me if I’m getting hot, yeah?”
Tara Maclay: Sweetly Wickedsexytarawitch on August 2nd, 2005 02:23 pm (UTC)
I growled low in my throat, tempted to get angry that he ripped one of my favorite shirts and I heard the buttons scatter onto the cool pavement. "Yeah..." I panted. "Look for it..." A low moan escaped my lips as he gripped my breasts hard, making me gasp and squirm.

“Well it doesn’t seem to be here. Let’s check somewhere else…you can tell me if I’m getting hot, yeah?”

"Uhhuh...I'll tell you when you're getting hot..." I moaned, leaning back against the car and feeling his hands over me as smooth as silk. "Mmm warmer..." I whispered when he started to slip his hand under my skirt and he shot me a look that sent lust through me and I quietly obeyed and parted my thighs.

"Warmer..." My eyes rolled back and I arched up to him, pressing myself against his hand, panting with want.
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 2nd, 2005 03:28 pm (UTC)
I smirked as she settled back on the car and let me have my way with her. Yeah, she’d wrecked my sodding car but I was still glad I’d turned her. There weren’t many girls – vampire or human – who’d lay half naked on top of a car in the great outdoors, legs wide open and let you do any manner of nasty things to ‘em. Yeah, she was fun to have around all right.

I slid my palm up her thigh, licking my lips in anticipation of her smooth, wet pussy but instead my fingers touched cotton. I stoped and pulled her skirt up to have a look.

“Mmm,” I mumbled, running my fingers over the damp material. “Love the good-girl knickers, pet. Thought you’d sworn off these now, though?”

She squirmed and spread her legs wider, smiling a mischievous little smile.

“Oh, I see.” I grinned, cottoning on and slipped my hand inside her panties. “How hot am I now?” I asked, running a finger over her clit…and making sure to keep a look out for the key as I went.
Tara Maclay: Deadly Poisonsexytarawitch on August 2nd, 2005 03:51 pm (UTC)
I grinned back at him, spreading my legs further. "I like to keep the illusion..." Cocking my head to the side I grinned, leaning into his lips. "I know you like it..."

“How hot am I now?”

"Very..." I purred, grinning and knowing that he wasn't the only one that felt hot now. I gripped onto his wrist and moaned softly when he finally found the keys with his other hand, hanging off the back of my panties.

"You found me..." I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. "If you notice, there's more then just car key's on there." I tipped my head up and kissed him softly. "I've more surprises..."
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 2nd, 2005 04:02 pm (UTC)
Couldn’t believe she was lying here letting me finger fuck her on the side of the road. Granted it was three am but bloody hell. I really liked having her around. Part of me hoped someone’d walk by and get an eyeful…

"You found me...If you notice, there's more then just car key's on there. I've more surprises..."

I kissed her back and pulled the keys off her knickers. I was bloody curious about these other surprises and even more curious about what she’d done to the inside of my car, but there was a more pressing matter at hand. Namely my aching hard-on and a back seat that needed breaking in all over again.

“Mmm, I’ve got surprises of my own, pet,” I said softly against her lips. “But before I show you I want you to take this key and get in the back seat.”

I ran my hands over her tits, squeezing them roughly and nipping at her neck.

“Seeing the cars all new again, I’m thinking we need to christen it.”
Tara Maclay: Sweet Rapturesexytarawitch on August 3rd, 2005 12:57 am (UTC)
“Mmm, I’ve got surprises of my own, pet...But before I show you I want you to take this key and get in the back seat.”

I took the key's from him and arched towards his hands as he fondled my body and nipped at my neck. Slowly I drug my nails down his chest, grinning at his words as he whispered against my neck, making my body shiver with pleasure.

"I so love how you fucking think." I purred softly, sliding off the car and unlocking it, bending down to give him a show of my ass as I popped the back door lock open and slid in, sitting on the far side of the back seat. I could feel the cool leather of the back seat on my upper thighs as my skirt rode up.

I grinned as Spike slid in after me, I leaned over him and pulled the door closed, leaning back and giving him a wicked grin I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled him to me for a kiss.

Now, I liked this.
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 3rd, 2005 01:01 pm (UTC)
I slid into the backseat with her, noticing with relief that she hadn’t really done much apart from cleaning it up a little. Thank fuck, because I’d had some bloody good times inside this car.

Was about to have another one right now, in fact.

“Look at you,” I said, smirking at her and running my palm up her inner thigh. “So bloody keen for it…such a little slut, aren’t you?” I moved forward and pinned her hands beside her on the seat, kissing her roughly and suddenly feeling a might suspicious…and a bit jealous…what had she given those lawyers in return for all this, then?

“What’d you give that lawyer in return for all this, hmm?” I hissed against her lips. “Did you suck his cock? Let him fuck that sweet little pussy of yours?” I couldn’t smell anything much on her, but why would she flaunt it? Suddenly I was more than a bit jealous and I realised I was getting too worked up. If I didn’t get a bloody hold on myself she’d know exactly how I felt about her.

And we couldn’t have that.

“Not that I care,” I said casually, sitting back and hooking my thumbs under the waistband of her knickers and slowly drawing them down before plunging two fingers into her wetness.
Tara Maclay: Wild & Recklesssexytarawitch on August 3rd, 2005 01:19 pm (UTC)
Fuckin' hell I love how he kisses me. I kissed him back just as hard, moaning against his lips as he kept my arms pinned to the seats.

“What’d you give that lawyer in return for all this, hmm? Did you suck his cock? Let him fuck that sweet little pussy of yours?”

I smirked and I could feel the jealousy roll off of him so I decided to play it up as he slipped two fingers into me, trying to play off like he wasn't. "Oh yeah...I saw Lindsey and did all sorts of favors for him...seems he hasn't seen me since Lilah wrecked his case by having me turned..."

Wrapping my arms around Spike's neck I rubbed my nose against his jaw and ear. "We fucked around in his office...who knew he was the type for naughty 'Daddy' games..."

Spike started getting pissed, he moved his fingers faster inside me and the anger washed over him so much I decided to put him out of his mysery. "Then again, I haven't seen Lindsey since the night you turned me..." I ran my tongue over his neck, grinning wickedly. "I spoke with Lilah baby, no cock there...I think. We're at her disposal for certian 'jobs' and she keeps us well..." My eyes rolled back in my head and I writhed against him, gasping and crying out as I came.
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 3rd, 2005 01:32 pm (UTC)
As she started filling me in on her little escapades with that wanker of a lawyer I ground my teeth and fucked her harder, driving my fingers into her brutally. I wanted to hurt her…just the thought of that ponce touching her made me want to—

"Then again, I haven't seen Lindsey since the night you turned me...I spoke with Lilah baby, no cock there...I think.

Oh. Right then. So she was just playing a little game with me then, was she? Well bugger her! I had to grin at the Lilah remark though and the relief that washed over me at the fact that she hadn’t even seen that asshole Lindsey…well…

I leaned forward and started licking and sucking at her neck and at the same time as I added a fourth finger to her grasping, wet pussy I started stroking her swollen clit. Oh she was close all right.

The thought that this car was going to smell like her cum in a minute made my cock throb and ache to be inside her.

We're at her disposal for certian 'jobs' and she keeps us well..."

Now wasn’t that interesting? I watched as she came and sat back on the seat, lazily licking my fingers clean of her juices. ‘She keeps us’? Now I wonder how…and why… that works? I undid my pants and pulled out my cock, stroking it lightly before grabbing Tara’s arm and pulling her onto my lap.
“Now then,” I said with a silky grin. “Want you to sit on my lap like a good girl and tell me all about this little deal you’ve struck up with our good friend Lilah.”
Tara Maclay: Tara/Spike - Now Comes The Nightsexytarawitch on August 3rd, 2005 01:48 pm (UTC)
A smirk crossed my well sedated face and I tilted my hips and slowly sank down on his cock, gasping and arching my back as he filled me. I could feel him even more because how tight I was and damn, I love fucking him.

"Well, we didn't get paid for that other guy and I wasn't happy...ohhh fuck yes..." I gripped his shoulders and grinned down at him as I rocked my hips on his cock, hard and fast. "S-so after some persuasive talking she gave us a place and fixed...ohh fuck, harder...fixed up the car..."

My back arched and I moaned, pressing my hands on the roof of the car and pushing me down harder onto him. His hands came up and gripped my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples and bringing me closer to coming again.

I looked down at him and ran my hand over his face and bent down, kissing him hard as I snaked my hand behind me and cupped his balls, feeling his cock throb inside me. "Come...I want to make you come..." I whispered softly, kissing a trail down to his ear. "Come for me please, Sire."
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 3rd, 2005 02:04 pm (UTC)
"Come for me please, Sire."

Playing the sire card to get me off again, then? Well it was going to work, and she new it the wicked little slut.

“Harder,” I demanded, playing with her tits and roughly pinching her nipples, loving the little gasps and cries she let out when I did. She started moving her hips faster - doing a mightily fine job of almost rocking the bloody car off it’s wheels - and that coupled with her soft fingers on my balls had me right on the edge.

“Ooh, fuck yeah…” I groaned throwing my head back against the seat and grabbing her hips roughly and thrusting up into her hard as I started to come.

“Fuck!” I coated her insides with my cum and let my face fall forward and rest between her breasts and nuzzle the soft skin. Bugger me, I loved fucking her. “fuck,” I muttered again as she kept riding me gently as I softened inside her. I felted sated. Sated and hungry…but first things first.

I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply, lingering in the kiss for a while and just enjoying the afterglow. Could tell she was enjoying it too. Don’t know why I was so sodding jealous of Lindsey, as if he’d ever be able to shag her like this. I grinned at the thought, bloody unlikely, if you ask me.

Now, this little deal with Lilah…

“So you got us some new digs,” I stated. “Problem is, love, they bloody own us now, don’t they? Not a good position to be in, kitten…no matter how nice the rewards are, you’re still not free.”

I looked at her gently. Poor pet’d been trying, I knew it, so I couldn’t be too hard on her…not when she was so new at the game.

“Oh well, we’ll just have to take ‘em for everything we can get,” I said grinning. “Bleed ‘em dry while we have the chance.”

Groping around in my jacket pocket I pulled out a fag and lit one, taking a drag before offering it to Tara.

“Don’t know what we’re going to do with the place I got us, though.”

Tara Maclay: Thoughtfulsexytarawitch on August 3rd, 2005 02:16 pm (UTC)
It was a small moment like this I miss my heartbeating, not the stupid soul part but the pounding in my chest after a good fuck. Not that I fucked anyone when I was human, but I could remember what my heart pounding felt like.

“So you got us some new digs. Problem is, love, they bloody own us now, don’t they? Not a good position to be in, kitten…no matter how nice the rewards are, you’re still not free. Oh well, we’ll just have to take ‘em for everything we can get...Bleed ‘em dry while we have the chance.”

Grinning down at him, I shook my head and took the cigarette from him, taking a deep drag and blowing it off to the side. "That's one way of thinking." I handed him back the light and rested my head on his shoulder. "There is also the fact that they are all powerful baby, it's better to be with it then against it. Don't you think?"

I pulled back slightly and I knew my face damn near fucking lit up. "The magick department...baby, the havoc we could have? Oh fuck it makes me hot thinking about it."

“Don’t know what we’re going to do with the place I got us, though.”

Well, there went my happy mood. "You got us a place? Well, I mean if you want we can say no, go and stay where you got us. We could always rent it to some demon and make some extra cash..." Now why did I feel like a stupid fuckup right now. Damnit.
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 3rd, 2005 02:25 pm (UTC)
"You got us a place? Well, I mean if you want we can say no, go and stay where you got us. We could always rent it to some demon and make some extra cash..."

Bloody hell, she looked right disappointed, couldn’t have that, especially when she’d tried so hard n’all.

“S’alright love,” I said quickly. “It’s a bit of a shithole anyway…plus it’s covered in demon blood now.” I grabbed her hips and pulled her forward roughly, stealing my fag back off her and taking a deep drag.

“S’just they had a big dinning room table,” I muttered, smoke spilling out of my lips while I spoke. “I was looking forward to shagging you on it, see.”

I grinned and ran my eyes over her body, cupping a tit in my palm and rubbing my thumb over her nipple. I was starting to get worked up again…don’t know how she did it without moving a bloody muscle, but she did. “Does your place have a bid dinning room table, then?”
Tara Maclay: Insatiable Thirstsexytarawitch on August 3rd, 2005 02:40 pm (UTC)
I giggled and grinned when he pulled me to him. "Big table huh? Well I bet your place doesn't have what mine does..." I teased him and felt his cock twitch and throb against my thigh. "I could tease you and wait till we got there."

He growled and my eyes went wide when he grabbed my neck and forced me to look at him. Ok, he doesn't wanna play games. "Has a sound proof basement...I think even a play room..." I grinned and licked down his cheek. "I think that needs to be broken in too..."

I pulled myself off his lap and looked him over. There was just something hot about him still half dressed with his cock painfully hard again. It got me all worked up all over.

A smirk crossed my lips and I leaned up and started nipping and sucking his neck as I drug my hand slowly down his chest till I wrapped it around his cock and started to stroke him slowly. "I can't wait till you see the new place...I wonder how many places you can find to bend me over..." I roughly bit at his flesh before running my tongue over it. "I wonder how many sweet girls we can bring back, have fun in our little room...would you like that?"
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 3rd, 2005 04:27 pm (UTC)
"Has a sound proof basement...I think even a play room…I think that needs to be broken in too..."

Sound proof basement and a playroom, yeah? I bloody liked the sound of that. In fact I was starting to like this Wolfram & Hard idea a lot more in general. I’d never been one to buy into organised power structures and the like, mostly find people’ll stake you in the heart in the blink of an eye, no real loyalty see. But as long as I kept that in mind – and taught Tara to, as well – we might be able to get a whole lot out of this little venture.

Yeah, I was starting to see the possibilities…

"I can't wait till you see the new place...I wonder how many places you can find to bend me over…I wonder how many sweet girls we can bring back, have fun in our little room...would you like that?"

“I would like that, yeah. But sod bending you over stuff,” I said grunting and pushing her mouth down onto my cock, shuddering as she took it deep into her sweet, tight little throat. “I think we’ll move straight to the basement, love. I’ve been thinking you need to be disciplined a tad.”

I ran my hand down her back as she sucked my cock and started stroking her plump little bottom, squeezing each cheek in turn and dipping my fingers into her crack, pressing against her opening.

“Mmm, so good, kitten,” I murmured as I started getting close, but cock throbbing inside her mouth.

Tara Maclay: Primal Urgessexytarawitch on August 3rd, 2005 04:39 pm (UTC)
“I would like that, yeah. But sod bending you over stuff, I think we’ll move straight to the basement, love. I’ve been thinking you need to be disciplined a tad.”

I shuddered and greedily sucked his cock, pushing myself down on it and swallowing, feeling him throbbing in my throat as he got closer to the edge. His hands ran over my skin felt so good and I moved my mouth faster, swallowing against him at every chance I got.

There was a noise outside the car and I sat up, a growl in my throat as I looked out. "Now I'm annoyed." Pressing my finger against Spike's lips I leaned over and rolled the window down to see some stupid cop poking his head in. "May I help you?"

"Step out of the car please." he tapped his baton against the car and my eyes narrowed.

Cocking my brow I looked at him like he'd lost his mind. "I'm sorry but you'll have to wait...I was in the middle of sucking my boyfriends cock..."

"Miss, please get out of the car now."

"If I do it won't be pretty..."

"Miss..." Ok, I warned him.

Giving Spike a sly look I slowly stepped out of the car, naked as you please, and looked up at the officer as I wiped a bit of cum from the side of my mouth. "Can I help you?"

He opened his mouth to speak but I grabbed his baton and held it to my chest. "Ohhh...look baby, a new playtoy..." Looking at Spike peaking out of the car, looking rather annoyed I grinned. "Wonder how many places you can put it and make me scream...or choke..."

I paused a moment, my face changing as I turned to face the cop, smirking as he screamed. "I've another idea for this." In one swift movement I took the long end and shoved it right into his mouth, feeling the muscle rip and his bones crack as it came out of the back of his head.

"Damn. I was hoping it would go right down his throat." I pouted and turned back to Spike, gasping and moving away when the cop's blood splattered across my chest. "So glad I wasn't wearing clothes."
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 3rd, 2005 04:56 pm (UTC)

Don’t know if it was post-coital bliss or bloody sheer amazement that had me sitting like a wet piece of sodding toilet paper while Tara stepped out of the car but whatever it was, all I could do was watch in awe as my princess dealt with that fat poof of a cop that decided to spoil our little party.

"So glad I wasn't wearing clothes."

What a nice little mess.

Without saying a word, I stepped out of the car walked over to her, running a finger down her left breast to collect some of the blood. Holding her gaze, I grinned widely and held my finger out for her to suck on. As she took it delicately between her lips and started sucking off the blood I glanced down at the cop. Dead as a sodding doornail but not nearly as inconspicuous, she’d done a right job on him…blood and brains all over the fucking sidewalk.

“Nice work, kitten,” I said removing my finger and pulling her to me. “’Fraid we’re going to have to get the hell out of dodge now, though.” I walked ‘round to the drivers seat and opened the door.

“Luckily we’ve got our new friends to protect our interests now,” I grinned and slid behind the wheel. We were lucky, most times killing a copper’d mean leaving town right away, but not now. Yeah, benefits seemed to be making themselves apparent at every turn.

As soon as Tara slid into the passenger seat - still naked – I started up the car and pulled out. Bloody hell, listen to that…I didn’t remember it purring like that since I got it. I grinned over at her and floored the gas.

“Sun’s gonna be up soon anyway,” I pointed out, sliding my hand up her bare thigh. “Let’s get back to that playroom then, shall we?”
Tara Maclay: Dangerous Beautysexytarawitch on August 3rd, 2005 05:46 pm (UTC)
I grinned at him and nodded. "Ohhh, I have a feeling there is going to be scaring..." I purred softly before leaning in the backseat and pulling Spike's jacket up to me before slipping it on.

He gave me an annoyed look and I shrugged, wrapping myself in it. "Hey, I don't feel like getting any more blood on me if another fricken cop stops us." I turned and smiled sweetly. "Plus you know you get a charge outta seeing me wearing nothing but your jacket and I get a charge knowing I'm so going to hurt for it later."

It didn't take long for us to get to the new place, I must say I'm impressed at this place Lilah picked out for us. Maybe I won't kill her so quickly afterall.

I hopped out of the car and hurried up to the door and used my key, looking behind me I saw Spike sauntering up the walk. "C'mon slow poke. We've a house to explore."

Stepping back down the stairs I grabbed onto him and kissed him hard, nearly busting one of our lips open as I scratched my nails down his chest before pulling back.

"Gotta catch me." I grinned at him and ran my hand over his cock before turning on my heel and dashing into the house laughing as I ran through the different rooms, hoping he would come after me.
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 4th, 2005 12:41 am (UTC)
Ow! Crazy bitch.

"Gotta catch me."

She did think of the best game to play though. I felt like a good chase, plus I wanted my sodding coat back. She was right about it getting me hot to see her wrapped in it, naked as the day she was born underneath, but it also had a load of sentimental value and I wouldn’t like to think what’d happen to her if she fucked it up.

As I strolled around the house, following the sounds of her giggling and shuffling – she was still so young, I hope she didn’t bloody thump around like this when she was hunting – I took a good look at the place. Nice furniture, big. Oh my way past the kitchen I opened the fridge to find it stocked with human blood and…beer.

I grinned to myself. What was that I said about benefits?

But that was for later; right now I had a naughty little girl to find and fuck into submission.

I could hear her in the bathroom, so I slowly slunk towards it, stripping off my clothes as I went and leaving them where they fell but when I got to the door, instead of going in I walked past it. Let her have her little game then, I though, my hard cock throbbing as I walked.

“Here I come, love,” I said in a sing-song, keeping my voice low. “Gonna getcha,” I continued, making sure to keep my back turned for a minute when I heard her leave the bathroom. “Then I’m going to take you down stairs.”

I spun around and grinned predatorily at her. She fought a grin and ran off and I followed, belting down the hall after her and catching up with her in the kitchen where I grabbed her around the waist. She let out a cute little squeal and I slammed her face first against the wall, ripping my coat from her and throwing it over a nearby chair.

I ran my hand down her spine and caressed her ass. “Would you like to go downstairs?” I asked pulling back my hand and landing a stinging slap on her ass. “Or shall I give you’re your punishment right here…” I slapped her again, harder, and she let out a little squeak. “Right now?”
Tara Maclay: Sweetly Wickedsexytarawitch on August 4th, 2005 01:21 am (UTC)
Running through the house was so much fun, I love the feel of knowing that Spike was chasing me. I loved the idea of knowing what was going to happen when he caught me.

Before I knew it he caught up to me and ripped the jacket from my shoulders, leaving me bare to his gaze. A small cry escaped my lips when his hand connected harshly with my ass.

A shudder ran through me. "I love it when you're rough and violent." I purred softly, arching back towards him, feeling my ass stinging from his hand. "Where to punish me..." I muttered, pondering for a moment before I cried out as he slapped me again. "Anywhere...as long as you do it..."

Using my strength I pushed off of the wall and flipped around, grinning up ad him and pulling him to me with his belt. "Unless you're too old to drag me downstairs...gramps."
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 4th, 2005 01:55 am (UTC)
The little bitch, I thought, but I suppressed a grin. She really was a piece of work.

I growled low in my throat and slapped her lightly across the face, before picking her up and hefting her over my shoulder. I slapped her ass one more time for good measure when I had her over my shoulder and I heard her whimper a little. Oh yeah, this was going to be all kinds of fun.

If I could just find the sodding door to this hallowed playroom…

Walking a couple of steps into the sitting room I suddenly saw it. Bloody brilliant. I pulled the door open and went down. Soundproof yeah, but was she right about this whole playroom business? That’s what I wanted to know. I shouldn’t have worried though, because when I got to the bottom of the stairs I could see all manner of nasty things on a far wall, plus a variety of chains hanging from the walls and the ceilings. Mmm, I was going to have me some good times down here.

“This is no playroom, pet,” I said to Tara who was still draped over my shoulder. “What -we’ve got ourselves here is a nice, old-fashioned dungeon.” My cock hardened even further at the thought of the sorts of things we could do down here…there were a few people I’d love to see chained to that far wall… “Looks like Wolfram & Hart want us to be as bad as we can be. Nice to know.”

I pulled her off my shoulder and pushed her against the nearest wall. The manacles clinked as she knocked them and I grinned. “Bet they’re watching us, too,” I murmured, walking towards her and putting my hands against the wall on either side of her. “Bet they’ve got little gadgets hidden all over the place to catch our every move.” I cupped her tit and squeezed roughly. “Our every sound.” I pinched her nipple viciously and she cried out in pleasure.

Grinning, I pulled a small paddle of the wall beside her and ran it down her body. “How ‘bout you turn around and we give ‘em a little show, hmmm?”

Tara Maclay: Naughtysexytarawitch on August 4th, 2005 02:46 pm (UTC)
I squirmed over his shoulder as he carried me around like a sack of potatoes. Ugh, the nerve, but I do love when he takes control, makes things more fun. It took Spike some time but he finally found the door to the basement and I held onto his shirt as he walked down the stairs with me still over his shoulder.

“This is no playroom, pet. What -we’ve got ourselves here is a nice, old-fashioned dungeon. Looks like Wolfram & Hart want us to be as bad as we can be. Nice to know.”

I lifted my head up as he walked down the stairs, looking around and grinning at all of the shiny new toys to play with. I could tell Spike was pleased too and that made me even happier.

“Bet they’re watching us, too. Bet they’ve got little gadgets hidden all over the place to catch our every move. Our every sound.”

I cried out and arched against him, waves of pain and pleasure shooting through my body as he pinched my nipple, watching with wide eyes as he picked up a paddle and ran it over me, making me shiver. "Oh, I do love a good show..." Licking my lips I watched him as he eyed me, waiting for me to turn and obey him.

Slowly I turned and looked back over my shoulder at him, feigning innocence and crocodile tears. "P-please...please S-sir...Please don't..." I had to suppress a smirk when I looked down and I could almost swear his cock twitched everytime I said please.
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 4th, 2005 03:04 pm (UTC)
"P-please...please S-sir...Please don't..."

Licking my lips, I ran my eyes over her body as she playacted the quivering little victim. How the bloody hell was it possible that she knew just how to get me going already? Not that I was complaining, far from it.

“Sorry, love,” I said, my voice low. “But you need punishing.” With that said I drew back the arm holding the paddle and whacked her a bloody good one on her sweet little ass. She gasped and cried out a little and it only spurred me on…only motivated me to turn those little gasps and whimpers into screams of pain and pleasure.

After all the basement was soundproof, wasn’t it?

I spanked her with the paddle again and again and again, watching as her arse cheeks got redder and tenderer, my mouth watering at the sight.

“Don’t hold back, sweet thing,” I ground out, fisting my achingly hard cock in my other hand and stroking it absently as I hit her. “Not like you’ll be disturbing the neighbours, is it?”

After one last good whack, I dropped the paddle and stepped forward. Her ass was hot to the touch as I ran my fingers over it and I found myself dropping to my knees and pressing little kisses to her abused flesh. “Mmm, so warm,” I muttered, rubbing my check roughly against her reddened skin. She squirmed under my touch and I knew the feel of my stubble was making her bottom sting like nothing else.

“Mmm, poor little pet,” I muttered as I started licking her warm skin, parting her cheeks and running my tongue between them.
Tara Maclay: Willing Slavesexytarawitch on August 5th, 2005 07:13 pm (UTC)
Lust ran through my body with each slap of the paddle, warming my cold dead skin and making my body think that it was almost alive again. I gripped onto the chains as I writhed against the wall, the stone scratching at my skin and making small cuts on my breasts and stomach.

“Don’t hold back, sweet thing. Not like you’ll be disturbing the neighbours, is it?”

"No...ohhh Fu..." I cried out and closed my eyes when he smacked me hard on a sore spot, making my thighs tingle and ache for him. "Spike..." Biting my lip and moaning as his hands ran over me, making me squirm even more when he started pressing his face to my flesh.

A low moan escaped my lips when his cool tongue touched my hot flesh. "Fuck, Spike..." I felt his tongue dip lower and I almost started begging till he pulled back and spun me around, grinning wolfishly at me. "Ohhh, more games." I growled, hissing when he pressed my sore ass hard against the wall.

Before I knew it he kissed me hard, almost making my lip burst. I could hear the faint rattle of chains a moment before I felt the cold steel wrap around my wrists, keeping me bound to the wall.
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 22nd, 2005 03:55 am (UTC)
“Love seeing you chained up for me,” I murmured against her lips, grinning while I wrapped the steel manacles around her wrists and chained her to the wall. When I’d finished I stepped back to take in the vision that was my Tara. She looked delectable, and smelt it too. The harsh brick of the wall I’d pushed her up against while I spanked her had left hundreds of tiny cuts and scraps all over her tits, belly and thighs…I was going to have all kinds of fun licking each and every one of them.

Before I had the chance though, I noticed some ankle cuffs sticking out from the wall and grinned wickedly at her.

Getting onto my knees I spread each leg in turn and fastened the thick metal around her ankles. Bloody fucking hell, what a picture. She was spread so wide that if it wasn’t for the chains that bound her arms I’m sure she would’ve keeled right over.

Totally at my mercy.

“So pretty, kitten,” I said, stepping back and looking her up and down. Rubbing my chin thoughtfully I added, “Strong chains. Steel. Don’t think you’re strong enough to break ‘em just yet, sorry love.” I moved towards her slowly.

“Means I can do anything I like to you, really.”

I grinned at her and caressed her breast softly.

“Tell me what you want.” Don’t know why I was feeling so bloody accommodating, I had a raging bloody hard on and all I really wanted to do was shove it inside her and have myself a real nice time. There were benefits to drawing it out though…

“I’ll most likely do what I want anyway, but you never know…maybe if you come up with something interesting...”

Tara Maclay: Primal Urgessexytarawitch on August 22nd, 2005 04:15 am (UTC)
Chained and bound at his total mercy...it would have frightened me if I was still human, now it only turns me on and makes me crave him even more.

I can't help but smile when he calls me pretty, even in a preditory way I love it. I notice that I'm breathing hard when I don't even have to breathe anymore, but he's doing this to me, making me want him more, crave him to the point of agony.

“Tell me what you want. I’ll most likely do what I want anyway, but you never know…maybe if you come up with something interesting...”

I could feel his hands wonder over my body and I groaned softly, straining to press back against him but it was another thing he denyed me. "Sire...please..." I whispered softly and felt him lean towards me and nip my neck with his teeth before nuzzling my skin. "Fuck me...hurt me...anything..." I breathed, on the verge of desperation to feel something from him.
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 22nd, 2005 04:36 am (UTC)
“Fuck you,” I murmured, kissing at licking her neck. “Hurt you…so many fun choices.”

I cupped her full breasts in my palms and squeezed them roughly, pinching her nipples until they hardened, looking angry and red. Leaning forward, I took one in my mouth and started sucking on it. She tasted like bloody ambrosia. My cock throbbed hotly and I slipped into game face, nicking the delectate flesh of her nipple with my fangs and licking up her blood before pulling back.

“I was looking forward to licking up all your little cuts and scrapes, love,” I said disappointedly, running a hand over the healing cuts on her belly. “But they’re all healing up.”

I sank to my knees in front of her and stroked the soft flesh of her inner thigh absently as I inhaled the scent of her arousal. I knew all this teasing’d be driving her bonkers, but that’s what I wanted. Exactly what I wanted.

“Look at that,” I said softly, running a finger lightly over her slippery clit. “Such a wet little twat. That all for me, then?” Of course it is, I thought smugly, licking her juices off my finger and sitting back on my heels.

“Liked that game, didn’t you?” I looked up at her, ginning wickedly. “Big bad chasing you, catching you.” I rose fluidly to my feet. “Chaining you up, all helpless and naked to have his wicked way with you.” I kissed her roughly, slipping my tongue into her mouth. God, she was like a sodding drug and right then I knew…I really didn’t want to get rid of her any time soon.

“Think I will fuck you, my little peach,” I said huskily, grabbing her hips and pressing my cock against her slick entrance. “Got to promise me one thing, though,” I said as I slid into her tight little cunt.

“Don’t come until I bloody well say so, got it?”
Tara Maclay: Dangerous Beautysexytarawitch on August 22nd, 2005 04:57 am (UTC)
He was taunting me, what made it worse was that he knew what it was doing to me, he knew how much it drove me crazy for him to do what he was doing...he was teasing me in all the right ways. I was on the verge of begging him to let me lose, or use magick to get out of my binds to get revenge on him.

But I don't, I let him keep me prisioner and I continue to play his game. Teasing aside, I am enjoying it.

“Liked that game, didn’t you? Big bad chasing you, catching you. Chaining you up, all helpless and naked to have his wicked way with you.”

A small smirk crossed my lips and I nodded. "Yes, I love the games with you...always have..." He knew that well too, he just wanted to hear me say it.

“Think I will fuck you, my little peach...Got to promise me one thing, though...Don’t come until I bloody well say so, got it?”

I saw stars before my eyes and I gripped onto my cuffs, pulling them and arching to him as much as I could, tightening around him as he slid slowly into me. "F-fuck..." Licking my lips I sighed and grunted softly, arching up to him and gasping for more. "Can't promise...ohhh fuck, you feel so good..." I wasn't sure what he would do if I came before he told me, I didn't think it would be any good either but I've been holding out for so long I don't think I can wait.
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 22nd, 2005 05:48 am (UTC)
“Better try, love,” I grunted as I thrust into her hard and fast. I wasn’t going to last long, between the unfinished blowjob in the car and seeing her all trussed up like she was, I could just about wager I was going to blow pretty damn soon.

And I still had other plans for her.

“’Cos if you don’t…do as you’re…told,” I panted between thrusts. “Daddy’s going to… have to punish his …naughty little girl.”

Yeah, and it wouldn’t be as fun as a spanking either. No bloody way. An image formed in my mind as I fucked her mercilessly, feeling her clench around me and her body buck to meet my thrusts. Her, still tied to the wall writhing against that thick police baton she’d taken from the cop as I pushed it inside her quivering body.

Jesus, I could hear the noises she’d make now, as I pushed it in…deep as it’d go…oh fuck

“Fuck!” I grunted as I came inside her, coating her insides with my come and pulling out as soon as was humanly possible. I missed the warmth of being inside her….but she hadn’t come. Perfect.

“Good girl,” I panted out, stepping back from her and looking her over. “Want to come, yeah?”

I walked back towards her and slipped my hand between her legs, lightly ghosting the tips over her swollen clit. She moaned in frustration.

“I’ll let you come but….where’d you leave that baton you took off the cop? In the car, love?” I questioned. “Tell Spike and he’ll make you feel real nice.”
Tara Maclay: Naughtysexytarawitch on August 22nd, 2005 06:02 am (UTC)
I writhed against the wall, feeling the stone scrape my skin as he pounded into me. I kept pulling on the chains to wrap my legs around his waist but they were tied and did nothing but chafe my ankles even more. With wide eyes I bit my lip and watched as he came, shaking and gasping. I could feel myself close to the edge but he didn't let me come, he proceeded to tease me even more.

“I’ll let you come but….where’d you leave that baton you took off the cop? In the car, love? Tell Spike and he’ll make you feel real nice.”

I smirked at him and bucked my hips down against his hand. "In...in the car..." I licked my lips and leaned into him, kissing him softly before biting his lip. "Back seat...ohhh fuck..." He grinned at me and moved his hand away before slipping up the stairs, leaving me bound and helpless.

"Spike!" I pulled at the chains and screamed as loud as I could, begging him to come back and not leave me here. He so better not leave me here or I'll cast some sort of spell on him he won't soon forget!
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 22nd, 2005 06:19 am (UTC)
I bounded up the stairs two at a time. I was really starting to get into this idea. My girl really had a knack for finding fun little items… that we could both play with.

I grabbed my duster from the chair and threw it on to cover my nakedness and walked towards the front door. The sun was up; I could smell it, and while I didn’t fancy getting little Willy burnt to a crisp, that didn’t mean I was going to let go of my little fantasy. No bloody way in hell. Pulling my coat over my head I streaked out the door and down to the car. Wrenching the door open I jumped inside and closed the door, safely out of the sun for the time being.

Grabbing the baton, I wiped it off on Tara’s skirt – fair play, she was the one that made the mess in the first place - and wrapped my hand around the handle, holding it so the long, thick length of the thing ran down my forearm. It felt good, yeah, I liked it. If I ever wanted to bludgeon someone to death it’d work a treat.

When I got back into the flat I shed my duster and went back down to see how my girl was doing. She’d probably be right pissed by now, left all chained up and frustrated. I grinned at the idea. I didn’t love playing with her.

“Found your toy,” I said twirling the thing and moving closer to her. I was right, she was almost jumping out of her skin; I could feel her rage and frustration…and her arousal from across the room.

“These ones aren’t as thick as they were in the old days.” I held the thing so it was running down my forearm again and held my arm up to admire it. Yeah, I liked the way it looked on me. “But it’s long. What do you prefer,” I asked when I was pressed against her. “Thick or long?”

I ran the thing down her body and let the tip of it poke at her wet folds.

I grinned. “Beg for it.”
Tara Maclay: Tara/Spike - Slidesexytarawitch on August 22nd, 2005 12:56 pm (UTC)
I growled in frustration and pulled at the chains as he slowly walked back into the room, nightstick in hand. I grinned slightly but I was still pissed to shit, not to mention frustrated.

“These ones aren’t as thick as they were in the old days. But it’s long. What do you prefer...Thick or long?”

A soft moan escaped my lips and I pressed myself against him as much as I could. "I prefer to get fucked...I need to come..." I felt him run it down my body, making me shudder at the coolness of it, I could faintly smell the blood from the cop on it still and it turned me on even more.

"Beg for it."

"Bastard..." I leaned into him and nuzzled against his neck, nipping lightly at his flesh and grinding my hips as best I could against the baton. "Please...please Spike..." I trailed light kisses up his neck till my lips were at his ear. "Fuck me till I scream...make me cry...make me hurt..." Anything as long as he would make me come.
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 22nd, 2005 01:12 pm (UTC)
I grinned at her, licking my lips in anticipation. My cock was hard again…god she drove me fucking crazy. She knew it too. Sometimes I wondered though, if she had any idea how much I could hurt her? Sure, I was getting a might fond of her – maybe too fond – but that didn’t mean I was bloody in love with her or something, didn’t mean I was going to coddle her like a princess. Luckily for her what it did mean is that I wasn’t going to put her out of commission for any length of time. I wanted her with me, hunting, fucking, bringing this high and mighty sodding firm to its knees in a pool of it’s own blood.

Oh yeah, fun times were just around the corner.

“Good girl,” I praised her, pressing the baton against her entrance. “Gonna make you scream alright. Cry and hurt and all those things you like so much…”

I pushed a little harder and the tip of the thing slid into her. She cried out and my cock jumped at the sound.

“Gonna make you come, too,” I whispered against her lips as I pushed the thick, cool length inside her. “Wonder how much of this nasty thing you can take?” I wondered aloud and kept on sliding it into her.
Tara Maclay: Tara/Spike - Now Comes The Nightsexytarawitch on August 22nd, 2005 01:26 pm (UTC)
A low growl escaped my lips and I bucked towards the nightstick as he slipped it inside me, my legs shaking and pulling at the binds. "Fuck..." I started to see stars and I closed my eyes, throwing my head back and panting when he started to fuck me with it, so painfully slow I thought I was going to go crazy with frustration.

“Gonna make you come, too...Wonder how much of this nasty thing you can take?”

I panted softly and ran my tongue over his lips, my eyes meeting his as I winced in slight pain when he pushed the stick in further. I knew he was nowhere near done and I gasped when he wrapped his arm around my waist and pressed me against him, his hand tight on my ass that was still sore from before. "Oh no..." I murmured, knowing the glint in his eyes and what he had planned. "No way."

He growled and I gasped when I felt his finger slip between my legs and trail up slowly before he slipped his finger into my ass, quirking it just the right way to get me to cry out. "Fuck..." I closed my eyes tightly and rested my head against his chest, my bound form still pulling against the binds.
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 22nd, 2005 01:38 pm (UTC)
Jesus she was such a slut, the way she said no when what she really meant was yes. Just for fun one day I might actually stop when she told me no…then watch her beg me to do all the nasty little things she’d pretended not to want anyway. Mmm, yeah, that’d be fun.

I grinned against her hair as I fucked her slowly with the baton at the same time sliding one, two, and then three fingers into her tight little ass. God she wanted it so badly, I could tell. Hell, I could smell it! Her arousal was so strong I’d wager half the vamps in LA were getting a hard on right about now.

“Love it when you tell me no,” I murmured as I fucked her harder, with my fingers and the baton. “Gets me so hot.”

Licking her neck and biting down lightly, I pulled my fingers out of her. I fucked her cunt a few more times before pulling the baton out.

“Now then,” I said huskily, running the cum slicked length of the baton to her ass. “You’re going to take what I give you.” I pressed the tip of the thing against her entrance and pushed, feeling it enter her ever so slightly. She gasped and writhed as I positioned my hard cock against her dripping pussy.

“And you’re going to tell me how much you bloody like it,” I ordered as I started to slide my cock, and the baton into her at the same time.
Tara Maclay: Willing Slavesexytarawitch on August 22nd, 2005 01:54 pm (UTC)
I cried out, bucking my hips against him as he fucked me harder, making my legs shake as I felt myself become closer to that edge. I could swear that my heart was almost pounding as he continued to torment me, fucking me and stretching me with his fingers at the same time.

“Now then...You’re going to take what I give you.”

Gasping I looked at him with wide eyes as he filled me slowly with determined movements. I could feel my body clench around him and quietly beg for more of him. I knew I had to care about him in some way - maybe even love - if I was letting him do these things to me, and liking them.

“And you’re going to tell me how much you bloody like it,”

My gut twisted and I cried out, closing my eyes tightly and feeling every inch of my body tingiling. "Fuck...ohh fuck I love it, I love it." I was panting and gasping now, feeling him sliding the thick stick into me with painful slowness but I could tell he wasn't going to stop till he couldn't push it in anymore or I begged him. "I love it when you hurt me...Sire..." I bit down firmly on his neck, my arms aching to wrap around him and pull him closer but I couldn't and that frustrated me even more.
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 22nd, 2005 02:06 pm (UTC)
"Fuck...ohh fuck I love it, I love it."

“Bloody right you do,” I murmured, groaning as I felt my cock slip deeper and deeper into her delicious cunt. It wasn’t the easiest position to fuck her in, but at this point I couldn’t give a toss. I could feel the baton stroking me through her and the thought of her, taking us both made my cock twitch and throb inside her. She was such a fucking slut.

I loved h—it. I love it.

"I love it when you hurt me...Sire..."

I growled, low in my throat and roughly shoved the baton into her as far as it would go. She cried out but hey, she said it didn’t her. She liked the pain, craved it, and I was going to give her every little bloody thing she craved, forever if she wanted it. Starting right now. As I started to slide my cock in and out of her I pulled the baton out until it almost slipped out of her and drove it back in.

She cried out in pain and pleasure and I kept going. Fucking her ruthlessly with my cock and the baton until I felt her cunt start to flutter around me.

“Go on then,” I encouraged, panting as I got closer to the edge myself. “Come for Daddy. Show him how much you like his big prick.”
Tara Maclay: Sweetly Wickedsexytarawitch on August 22nd, 2005 02:54 pm (UTC)
I cried out again and again as he brutally fucked me, I could feel the stone walls scraping my back and the sharp scent of my blood made me tingle even more.

Everything he did hurt me and made me want him more, made me want what he did to me even more. He was like a drug I was craving and I wasn't going to deny it.

My body was repeatedly slammed into the wall as he fucked me, pushing the stick as far as he could get it, and then a bit more to hurt me. he just wanted me to scream, I did that for him gladly.

“Go on then...Come for Daddy. Show him how much you like his big prick.”

His words spark a fire inside me and I gasp, feeling myself tighten around him as I started to shake even harder. "S-spike..." I buried my face in his neck and bit down on his flesh, desperately pulling at my chains as I could feel myself coming so hard that I wondered if I would break the chains. "Daddy...ohhh fuck Daddy I love your cock...harder...ohhh Daddy it hurts...it hurts so much." I whimpered like a little girl in his ear, knowing what it did to him because he grabbed me and pulled me flush to him as his face shifted against my neck. A small scream past my lips when his fangs sank into my flesh.
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 23rd, 2005 01:13 pm (UTC)
"S-spike...Daddy...ohhh fuck Daddy I love your cock...harder...ohhh Daddy it hurts...it hurts so much."

I growled. She was putting on her little sweet and innocent act and I bloody loved it. Her whimpers and cries, the knowledge that I was hurting her just the way she liked it only made me thrust into her harder and pull her towards me.

The scent of her was driving my out of my sodding mind, and before I knew it I’d slipped into game face and buried my fangs in the sweet, soft flesh of her neck. She screamed prettily. Fuck, she was driving me insane! As I took the first mouthful of her cool, sweet blood I felt her cunt flutter and squeeze around my cock as she came, crying out my name as she did.

I swallowed down her blood and drove my cock into her harder, coming explosively as I gulped down a second mouthful.

“Oh, fuck!” I snarled, pulling my mouth off her neck and throwing my head back as my climax roared through my body.


I kept up the rhythm until I softened inside her and stilled, my forehead pillowed on her breast.

I pulled the baton out but stayed inside her myself. So the fuck what if I liked being this close to her, it didn’t mean a bloody thing.

“That was bloody fantastic, pet,” I panted out. “Maybe I should keep you chained up down here for good.” I pulled back and looked at her, a sated grin spreading across my face. “Make you my little slave.”

My tongue snaked out and I liked my lips, rubbing a palm over her tit.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Little slut.”
Tara Maclay: Tara/ Spike - Consumedsexytarawitch on August 23rd, 2005 01:31 pm (UTC)
I came hard as he drank from my neck, making me shake and shudder against him, my arms pulling the chains in a desperate attempt to get free and touch him.

When he finally calmed he slowed down, the nightstick falling to the ground and leaving me empty. He kept his body close to mine and I could feel his hands running over my skin lightly, putting me at ease as I tried to get my thoughts back together.

“That was bloody fantastic, pet...Maybe I should keep you chained up down here for good. Make you my little slave.”

A whimper escaped my lips and I panted softly, leaning into him as he started to roughly play with my breasts.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Little slut.”

I don't know where it came from, but a bolt of insecurity shot through me and I could feel myself getting angry at his words and tone. "You'd like that, keep me locked away down here while you go off doing who and whatever you wish..." My eyes flashed angry yellow and I hated that my feelings were so easily uncovered. I guess it was something I couldn't get away from even though I'm not mortal anymore.
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 23rd, 2005 01:45 pm (UTC)
"You'd like that, keep me locked away down here while you go off doing who and whatever you wish..."

I pulled back, my hands stilling and peered at her. Well now, wasn’t this an interesting little outburst. Don’t know what the bloody hell she was on about though, when’d I ever given her the impression I didn’t want her. Well…

I stayed silent for a minute. This was a golden opportunity for me to beat her down, make sure she was the weak one instead of me, it’s sure be bloody nice for a change, wrapping someone around my little finger instead of the other way around.

But I couldn’t.

“What the bloody hell are you on about?” I asked angrily, busying myself with unlocking the chains around her wrists and ankles. I don’t know what the fuck she wanted from me…yeah, all right, maybe I did…but I don’t know if I could give it to her. Not anymore. Maybe I wasn’t even capable…

Oh, bloody bugger this for a joke! Why did women always have to ruin a good shag with bloody feelings?

“Look, I’m here with you, aren’t I?”
Tara Maclay: Break Awaysexytarawitch on August 23rd, 2005 01:53 pm (UTC)
I just glared at him as he unbound my arms and legs, my jaw clenched tightly as I tried to come up with the right words to say, maybe even cut him a bit deeper.

Pulling free I wrenched away from him and headed towards the closet in the far corner, the first one I opened had sex toys of all types. Not what I'm looking for - or in the mood for - right now. The second closet had clothing of all types and I slipped on a robe and tied the belt around me before looking back at him.

“Look, I’m here with you, aren’t I?”

I can't let him get to me, I can't let him see how much he gets to me. It's too late for that I think, he knows something is up but just not exactly what's bothering me.

I don't know if I'm even sure what's bothering me.

Licking my lips I gasped when he grabbed me and pinned me to the wall, making me look at him as he silently tried to force the answer out of me. "Yeah, you're here." My voice dropped and I looked away, closing my eyes tightly and wishing these feelings would go away. "But for how long, how long till you get tired of me and just..."
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 23rd, 2005 02:06 pm (UTC)
She pushed past me and I watched as she stalked across the room. What the bloody hell was wrong with her? We’d just had an evening of mind-blowing shagging, done some decent violence and got ourselves some brand new shiny digs and she still wasn’t happy? I mean, fuck, what the hell did she want from me?

I was really starting to get pissed. I strode after her and pinned her against the wall, hoping it hurt. Why the hell did she want to make me weak? I thought women bloody liked it when you were hard a sodding nails? A vicious beast, that didn’t give a toss about them?

"Yeah, you're here. But for how long, how long till you get tired of me and just..."

Maybe she was different. Yeah, maybe…but I couldn’t be sure. Not yet. If she thought I….well she’d bloody up and leave as soon as the novelty’d worn off. I knew that for bloody sure.

“Do you think I bloody turn every bird I meet?” I asked her, almost spitting the question into her face. “Do you think I would’ve kept you with me if I didn’t…care about you?”

Fuck. There we go, admitted it now haven’t you? You soft fucking git.

Turning away from her I strode towards the stairs.

“I’m going to bloody bed,” I muttered as I started to climb the stairs.
Tara Maclay: Tara/Spike - Eternitysexytarawitch on August 23rd, 2005 02:23 pm (UTC)
“Do you think I bloody turn every bird I meet? Do you think I would’ve kept you with me if I didn’t…care about you?”

Blinking a few times I just stared at him, unsure of what to say or what to feel for that matter. I wanted to grab him and kiss him, tell him that he knows how I feel about him and that I won't leave him. But I still can't bring myself to speak.

“I’m going to bloody bed,”

I watched with silent eyes as he headed up the stairs and I could hear his footsteps as he headed up to one of the bedrooms. I didn't know how to react to this, he had just given me the closest thing that's in him at the moment to what I've been looking for and I stay quiet, letting him walk up the stairs like I didn't care at all.

But I do, isn't that my problem...

Licking my lips I wrap the robe around me again and follow him up silently, closing the basement door before I turn to go upstairs. The house is quiet - almost deadly - and it feels a bit off.

I quietly make my way to the bedroom with his scent and in the dim light I can see him lying in bed under the dark silk sheets. With a tentativeness that I haven't even felt let alone expressed since I was human, I shed the robe onto the floor and climbed into bed with him.

Slowly I wrapped my arm around his waist and pressed my cool body against his. "Sorry." I whispered against his skin, kissing lightly his shoulders and neck. "I know there are things...things you haven't told me all about, it's ok...I..." I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes tightly shut. "It's just that...I love you and I want...I want that back...But I know you can't - at least not now - and I'm willing...I'll wait, right here with you till you do."

I pulled the sheet over us more and rested my cheek against the back of his neck, placing soft kisses over his skin. "Forever if I have to..."
ex_lovesbitc93 on August 24th, 2005 12:44 pm (UTC)
Don’t know what the stupid bint wanted from me, I thought as I stalked angrily through the house towards the master bedroom. Oh wait, yes I bloody well did! She wanted me to admit my undying love for her, lay it all bare so she knew just how much she could put the boot in, just how much I’d let her walk all over me. Well sod her; I wasn’t doing that this time. No bloody way.

‘Sides, I didn’t love her. I was fond of her, yeah, and I wanted her around. For a good long time even, but that didn’t mean I loved her.


Sitting down on the side of the big king-sized bed I ran my hand through my hair. Don’t know what I was being such a wanker about. Don’t know why I couldn’t just admit I cared about her. Guess I kinda did though, didn’t I? Sod it. I pulled back the sheets and got into under them. That’d come back and bite me in the arse, that I was bloody sure of.

It wasn’t long before I heard her slip into the room and the sound of her shuffling around and slipping into bed with me made me feel good, I can’t lie. Being alone’s never much of a giggle, and Tara was the best company I’d had in a long while. Just wish she didn’t want so much from me, though…

"Sorry. I know there are things...things you haven't told me all about, it's ok...It's just that...I love you and I want...I want that back...But I know you can't - at least not now - and I'm willing...I'll wait, right here with you till you do."


"Forever if I have to..."

Sighing, I turned to face her. She looked a treat; lips all swollen, eyes soft and she smelt like sex and sin and decadence. Something that I hadn’t felt in a while stirred inside me but I pushed it away. Why did I always have to get like this? Why…oh fucking hell…

“Thanks,” I said softly, stroking her cheek. “Thanks for…the car and that. I wasn’t really angry, I like it.” I smiled softly and leaned forward to kiss her, gently this time. As it turned out I’d had enough rough-play tonight.

“How ‘bout I take you out for a drive tomorrow night?” I suggested, grinning cheekily and wrapping my arms around her waist. “Somewhere special…we can keep on breaking in that back seat.”