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18 July 2005 @ 02:47 am
You change the equation I add up to  
Days had been quiet at the Hyperion, with everybody pretty much doin' their thing. Soul Boy had himself locked up in his office, with Cordelia reminding me and probably him every five minutes that he was brooding again. I had a feelin' Angel was feelin' all guilty cause his best pal Doyle up and died on him. Hey, life was a bitch that way and Angel'd been around for like a million years. You think he'd be used to the humans around him kickin' the bucket all the time. Why didn't he just do what everyone else did and lash out? Hurt back, except I almost got myself way too far gone to ever come back doin' that. Had I come back? I didn't know, wasn't sure-- it was confusing. I wanted to ask Angel lots of things but he was busy, and there wasn't nobody else except Cordelia. For her part she spent alot of time followin' me around and sometimes I didn't wonder if she was lonely or something. Always lookin' after me, like the mom I never had. A mom who shared a bed with me every single night for the last couple nights. Ok, that thought was just all kinds of wrong.

Wesley hadn't bothered to show up for a couple of days and I knew that bugged the shit outta Queen C. She was real anxious to get him in here, workin' with us. As if there were an us, less one mood vampire, a (formerly) psychotic slayer and a tapped out ex prom queen. Still, what better place for a fired bumbling watcher than here with the rest of us misfits? I knew the reason he hadn't shown up was cause I was here. Really who could blame the guy when I'd tortured him nearly to death not all that long ago. What were we supposed to do anyway? Just let bygones be bygones? I'd offered to leave like a million times but Cordy kept insisting that the both of us needed to work our shit out and get used to workin' together. There was no good way to argue with Cordelia and I'd long gotten over the urge to wrap my hands around her throat and squeeze everytime she wouldn't shut up. Now it was different, now it was...almost like she'd made me believe in something again as corny and lame as that sounded. She made me believe that I didn't have to end up the way everyone else always said I would. I was pretty sure she could do that for Wes too, cause let's be honest. Gettin' fired from the council musta stung the little prissy boy something fierce. Kinda almost felt bad despite the fact that he was the worst watcher ever in the history of watchers. He wasn't no Giles and I wasn't no B. Guess that was just the way it worked. Plus, Cordelia really wanted her apartment back. Vaguelly I wondered what would happen to the two of us once she did have it back. Might be kinda weird to go back to sleepin' alone.

Things were actually pretty boring for a few days which was sayin' alot when you were us. Cordelia and Angel were both still kinda sad about their pal, but at least I'd never met him. He'd just left me with the visions. Whatever the fuck that was. I'd only had the one and that had been painful enough. Sometimse when I closed my eyes I could still see it on the inside of my eyelids, I could still feel it. The way it'd felt to be that chick all helpless and beat up. Damn. Havin' no superpowers had to suck really bad. And maybe I'd once thought that the strong survived I realized that the strong usually died young, and the weak died younger. It was the smart one's that really survived, they made it way past the rest of us. And I never been known for my brains. That was for damn sure.

Either way I was bored as hell just sittin' around the hotel with nothin' to do and the only thing worth fightin' was a punching bag in the basement. So one afternoon I managed to convince Cordy to go on one of those auditions she was always talkin' about. She hadn't been on one in awhile and I guess she wanted to be some kinda actress. She was hot enough to be one, no doubt. She was probably a good actress, but I didn't think you really had to be good to get into movies. You just had to have a huge rack and a big shiny smile. C should be a fucking shoo in, in that case. But what the hell do I know? I just kill things. She'd been gone for about an hour, auditioning for some commercial as I wandered around the hotel. Think Angel was sleepin' or something, either that or spankin' himself for lettin' his friend get killed on his watch. Cordy said he always did this, I wondered if I'd eventually start doin' that too. Or if I'd been doin' it all along and just never noticed.

Humming to myself just under my breath I was alone in the kitchen, sloppin' together a sandwich comprised of mostly peanut butter and a little bit of jelly. Angel seriously needed to go shopping, or Cordelia did. Whoever it was that was in charge of keepin' us fed around here. Maybe I'd surprise 'em all and do it myself. Naw. That'd never happen. Movin' over to the fridge to put the jelly away, suddenly it was like a train just ran through my head. I staggered back, barely even hearing the sound of the glass shattering to pieces on the floor. Fallin' down on top of broken pieces of it, I cradled my head in my hands feelin' like my brain was about to explode.

It was the same as before, parts of it seen through his eyes and parts of it seen from the outside. One claw leaving a jagged raw open wound on his collarbone, and he was so scared. Fumbling with the crossbow and the weapon was faulty, not to mention I wasn't sure if he knew how to operate it or not. The roaring disgusting thing in front of him didn't seem to give a shit, it just grabbed his wrist and snapped it like a fucking twig as he screamed in pain. He screamed. Never supposed to scream, because I'd never made him scream. It was Wesley.

I was breathing hard and I could see my arms were all cut up from the broken jar, and sticky with jelly. Nasty. Not as nasty as the pounding sensation in my head and the realization that Wes was gonna die if I didn't do nothin' about it.

Getting up from the floor I was surprised Angel hadn't come runnin' with the noise, but he must be sleepin' pretty soundly. It was the middle of the afternoon, must be prime vampire sleepin' time. Walkin' to the bathroom slowly I grimaced when I saw my reflection in the mirror. Looked like hell and it was easy to see why. With a sigh I grabbed the tylenol off the medicine cabinet shelf and popped about four of 'em dry. Swallowing them down I finally ran the water in the tap before bendin' over the sink and splashing water over my face, cupping some in my hands as I washed clean the few small cuts I had from the jelly jar glass. Once I was all cleaned up, I had a decision to make and I really didn't wanna make it.

Walkin' out into the lobby I desperately wished Cordelia was here, because she'd know what I was supposed to do. Hell, I knew what I was supposed to do but not havin' her here kinda made it a little harder. Could still feel it though and idly I wondered how it worked. Would the vision haunt me forever if I didn't do nothin' about it? I wasn't exactly in a rush to go and rescue my fucked ex-watcher. He was just as bad as I was, even if he didn't wanna admit it and I....

I was runnin' out of excuses to hate him.

With a sigh I stood up and walked over to the weapons cabinet and began pawing through it's contents. If I showed up at Wesley's place with an axe he was liable to freak out. But the weapon wasn't for me, and I knew he'd freak out even if I showed up empty handed. Grabbin' a small hand held gun I flipped open the chamber to see if it was loaded, glad to see that it was. Hiding the gun in my jacket I thought about leaving Cordelia a note, but there really wasn't no time for that shit. I had no idea when that monster would try to attack Wes. All I knew was that it happened in a dark, kinda cold, concrete floor.....a warehouse? What the fuck was Wes doin' in a warehouse? Shit. How was I gonna find him? I hoped he was still at home.

Breaking out into a run, I was glad Cordelia's apartment wasn't far. But I pushed myself as fast as I could possibly go, racin' across the city til I was standin' at her front door. Takin' a deep breath, I swallowed hard. Now or never.

Raising my hand, I rapped my knuckles on the door.
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Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Glasses books_wes_pryce_ on July 21st, 2005 06:39 pm (UTC)
Most of my days since...whatever the hell that had been over at the Hotel, I spend working on translations. I had the job for the museum almost done, unfortunately. They didn't have any other jobs lined up, but they had written me down as an extern expert. Well, I suppose that was something to say the least. It would appear that my particular skills weren't very high on demand in the world of job.

Unless one was called Angel, and was in need of a translator of demon languages. Which is where I spend some of my time. I went over the books in Angel's highly inadequate library. Highly inadequate for such an operation as he was trying to run from this Hotel. A hotel, of all places. I still couldn't figure that one out.

Whenever I was there, I avoided Faith at all costs. Worried about Cordelia and her complete lack of fear or anything else whenever Faith was around. And got annoyed by Angel. Then again, the vampire seemed to have that habit to annoy me rather quick with his odd behavior. But avoiding Faith was my main goal. Everytime I saw her, my left arm started to throb painfully and I had to wonder...

Would there ever be a time I wasn't going to be afraid of her? Wasn't going to feel every scar, cut and burn she made on my body? I had no idea, but apparently I was about to find out. Cordelia had taken it upon herself to get us both integrated into this new Agency. Thus far she had little luck. When it came to being stubborn, Faith and I had an abundance of it.

Thus in order to forgo awkwardness, for both Faith and myself, I stayed at Cordelia's apartment. I had noticed Faith seemed to be avoiding me as much as I had her. But I also had the idea she'd been doing that more for Cordelia's well being as not to stir any trouble, then for my sake.

Dennis seemed to enjoy the company. We had our evening game, either chess, checker or monopoly. I decided not to play scrabble with him anymore, or a card game since I found out he cheated. But other then that, I'd like to think we're good friend. I kept him entertained, he worried about me. Making sure I'd eat and nagging me about medication I didn't need. At least, I didn't think I needed it.

I also had been building up a network of informants. They might prove to be very useful in the near future it Angel Investigation was going to be better known. It was on one of the night's I did my rounds that I heard of this demon, which was lurking about and creating havoc. It seemed like a simple job.

All I needed was a crossbow, even though I couldn't yet use it to my usual standards thanks to my arm, and the job would be done. I figured that since my aim normally never misses with a crossbow, - the only weapon I could probably handle very well besides a gun - it would be no problem.

I'd tracked down this demon, found a pattern and was ready to take him out before he'd get any more victims. Just as I was about ready, loading my crossbow in the bag, and various other weapons which might prove useful, there was knock on the door. I frowned, and blinked up in the air, raising an eyebrow. "Anyone we know, Dennis?"

There was a rustle of air and I could feel him floating toward the door. Maybe it was Cordelia and he was going to open the door. Assuming that, because Dennis only opened the door in case of an emergency and for Cordelia and I, I moved along gathering my weapons. "I'm in the bedroom, Cordelia!" I called out, hunting down a stake to put in my pocket. "I'll be right out."
Faith: retrace every wrong move- tinkermelliewickedslayer on July 22nd, 2005 08:05 am (UTC)
I heard a muffled shout from the bedroom as the door opened halfway and then quickly slammed again. What the fuck? "Wesley." I said pushin' my body weight against the door but holdin' back on the force. Cause the last thing I wanted to do was muscle my way in here and scare the poor little ex-watcher nearly to death. Think I had about enough of that our last round when he was tied to a kitchen chair. Shit. What was I even doin' here? "Wes, c'mon." I pleaded as I gave it another try and stuck my head in before it almost got decapitated while the door slammed shut again. Now I knew who it was cause Wes wasn't on the other side of the door. He musta thought I was Cordy and then gotten a little freaked when he realized exactly who I was. Cor had told me about him. Dennis, her overprotective phantom.

Cute. Really.

"Dennis," I said breathlessly still holding myself against the door. Could just bust it down, wasn't like I needed an invite. "I know what you think but listen to me. Wesley is in trouble, I know he is and....Cordy sent me over to make sure he's safe." I waited a few seconds but still no door opening to invite me in. Crap. "C'mon, Dennis. Do you really think I'd try and reason with a ghost if I just wanted to kill him? I'm not a vamp ya know. I could bust down this door easy." Another long minute and still nothin'. Stupid stubborn ghost! "Okay fine. Look. Let me in and I'm bettin' you'll get a front row seat for some hot girl on girl action pretty soon." Another long few seconds and the door clicked open. Knew that one would get him.

Closing the door behind me, I could still hear Wesley russling around in the bedroom and I widened my eyes as I looked around the living room. Looked like Wes had pretty well moved himself into Cordy's apartment. No wonder she was havin' an aneurism about it. The way she talked, she loved this place.

Walking over to the small glass coffee table I set the gun I'd brought with me on top of it before takin' a few steps back, my eyes glued to the bedroom doorway. A minute or so later Wes came wandering out, carrying a bag of....weapons? Why did he have weapons? Shaking my head I decided it wasn't any of my business, even though suddenly everything he was doin' today had just become my business. His eyes widened when he looked at me as he took a step cautiously backwards.

"Wes," I said quickly, raisin' my hands in the air and takin' a few more steps back. "I need to talk to you." This was the dumbest idea I'd ever had, but now that I was lookin' at his face? I could feel the pain, remember the vision. It hurt and I'd....I'd felt him, never bothered to care about his feelings before, but suddenly they seemed really important.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Crossbow (Literati)_wes_pryce_ on July 22nd, 2005 03:59 pm (UTC)
Frowning, I looked up when I heard the door open and close several time. Dennis was probably playing a game with Cordelia. Or perhaps it was some strange ritual between the two I've not noticed before. But if Cordy is going to be mad, she had better not take it out on me. It's not my fault Dennis acts like an overprotective mother hen who's five some of the time.

Putting the weapons in the bag, I stuffed the map I'd printed out in my pocket. I wouldn’t want to get lost, I'd memorized it of course, but it pays to be prepared. I finally heard the door close and Cordelia walk in. Frowning, I looked up a little confused. Since when did Cordelia wear boots? Must be a new fashion statement, I'd better compliment it as to not risk being glared to death.

When I walked out, still rummaging through my bag, Dennis was pulling on it. I looked up with a mixture of annoyance and surprise. Which is when I saw her. Faith.

Automatically, I took a step back, my eyes widening. My heart started to beat a whole lot faster and tried to leap out of my throat. Swallowing hard, I only seemed to be able to stare at her, wondering what the hell she was doing here. Or why Dennis had let her in for that matter.

"Faith?" I said, softly, clearing my throat and taking another step back. What could she and I have to talk about? Whatever happened to our silent agreement to avoid each other to the end of days? Wait, maybe something was wrong with Cordelia. That was about the only reason I could think of she'd come here to...errr...talk to me.

"Did something happen to Cordelia?" I clutched the bag with weapons closely to my chest, as though that would save me from her. Again.
Faith: wheres my angels ima naked soul- tinkermwickedslayer on July 23rd, 2005 07:24 am (UTC)
Man, it would be so easy to just tell him something was wrong with Cordy and that was why I had to bring him to the hotel and keep him there so I could keep an eye on him. But that excuse wasn't gonna fly considering Cordelia wasn't nowhere around and if I wanted to....try and fix anything between the two of us I was gonna have to start out by being honest. Being honest. Sounded easy enough, right? What if being honest included tellin' someone how much you desperately hated them. I probably shouldn't be too honest on second thought.

"Nope," I said quickly, still keeping my hands raised in total surrender mode. "Cordy's at an audition today, I'm here because.....I'm here because remember those vision dream things I had? Or the one that I had where we went and saved that chick?" I looked at him waitin' for a slight sense of muddled confusion to pass over his face. "Well, I had another one of those things and it was featurin' you. You out there gettin' yourself killed doin' whatever it is you're plannin' on doing." I nodded at the bag of weapons he was still clutching in his hands. Suddenly, I remembered. Faulty crossbow. The weapon was damaged and when he went to fire it nothing happened. Glancing at his shoulder I remembered the long gash dug into his shoulderblade because he couldn't get the weapons to work right. No way, not tonight. Wasn't gonna happen if I had anything to do with, if he'd let me have anything to do with it.

Mostly I just wanted to leave him alone and let him die in peace, or well...at least out of my way but I had the sneaking suspicion this poundin' in my head wasn't gonna vacate til I saw this one through. I got the vague sensation that was gonna be how it was with all my visions. The powers said they were givin' me a second calling to bind me to their cause and they gave me one I couldn't escape. Wicked not fair if you asked me. Thought everything was supposed to be all about free will.

"Look, I know you don't trust me." I had a feeling that was the understatement of the year by the incredulous look he was givin' me. "I don't blame you, I hurt you...alot. But I didn't ask for these vision type deals but I got 'em anyway and these powers guys seem to want me to protect you today, so I guess I'm sayin' that your stuck with me. Much as we both might not like it." I nodded down at the gun on the table, still makin' sure to keep a safe enough amount of distance between the two of us. "I brought you a gun, and you can shoot me if you wanna- but I'm tellin' you something's lookin' to kill you tonight and it ain't me."
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Glasses_wes_pryce_ on July 23rd, 2005 09:44 pm (UTC)
My eyes narrowed when she said nothing was wrong with Cordelia. Far from it in fact if she was at an audition. Then why was she here? I could only think of one reason. And I wasn't the only one if the heavy book Dennis was hovering behind Faith was any indication. Good, at least now I had someone at my side that she couldn't take out with violence.

For all the bloody good that was likely going to do me.

I took another step back as she started about those visions again. Couldn't help but think that those Powers that Be had given her one hell of a good punishment. I felt no real pity for her when she had those pains from her visions, and I thought it was rather ironic that now she'd feel the fear and pain of others. Fear and pain she had no problem inflicting on others herself until recently.

Now, she had to help them. It seemed to be the only way to get rid of the headache that followed said vision.

She was making me nervous, the way she kept looking at me. Or, more nervous then I already was. And to say that I didn't trust her would be the understatement of the year. I snorted at that, giving her a disbelieving look. "Yes," I agreed with her, "It's not as though you've given me much reason to trust you." Or the other way around I suppose. Though, I don't recall torturing her mercilessly until she nearly died.

"Excuse me what?" I glanced over at the gun on the table she pointed out and them back at her. I was stuck with her? She had a vision of me? Bugger that. I doubt the Powers would deem me worthy enough for a vision or saving. They've certainly not done so thus far. Call me paranoid, but I didn't trust her.

"I don't need you help," I said gruffly, sidestepping her. Dammit, I could do this on my own. I didn't need any bloody help. I'd show them once and for all that I could take a demon out as well. I certainly didn't need my former almost murderer trying to baby-sit me. Grabbing the keys from where they are floating in the air, I give her a weary look.

"Dennis will lock the door behind you," I said, still keeping a careful eye on her, just in case before striding out the door. I could do this myself. I was bloody trained for this job.
Faith: know your secret places- tinkermelliewickedslayer on July 27th, 2005 08:05 am (UTC)
Of course he didn't need my help, but I just might need his. If I didn't help him than I wasn't gonna have anything to focus on. Nothin' but the pounding headache and the knowledge that something fucked up was about to go on. Not even just the knowledge cause that wouldn't really bug me that much I don't think. It was the fact that I could still feel his terror and I could still feel all that pain. Wasn't fair that not everyone had superpowers and super healing ability like I did. Normal people felt pain differently than I did and I was sick and tired of feeling everybody else's pain. What about my pain? It might not be physical but it was still real.

He started headin' to the door and I gave one last regretful look to the gun on the coffee table before quickly following him out the door and down the hallway, listening as Dennis shut the door and locked up behind us. I wasn't just gonna go away and Wes was just gonna have to...learn to deal with it. Did he think that my idea of fun was following around my failed ex-watcher who I hated with an unnatural passion around the city for the entire day? That was the opposite of fun as far as I was concerned but I was still gonna suck it up and do it. Mostly cause I had no other choice. Neither did he, and whether he liked it or not it was just like he said. Like it or not, we didn't have a choice.

"You do need my help whether you wanna admit it or not, I know you do." I said as I easily caught up with him and fell into step beside him. The bruises had all faded but I knew the scars I'd left would last him a lifetime. I wanted to say sorry like I had that one day where I passed out and went into vision land. But what good did an apology do when the recipient couldn't hear it? What good did it do when it wasn't really all that heartfelt. I wanted it to be, but there was too many things I was still angry about. When would I ever get over all that shit?

The look on his face told me that he clearly didn't even believe me that he was in trouble. "Look. You might not believe me but trust me when I say that if you don't let me come with you you're gonna die today." Quickly I took a deep breath and crossed in front of him so I was standin' in front of him. Knew I was kinda freaking him out but I'd given him the chance to pick up that gun and he'd refused it. "I can prove it! Check your crossbow, it's broken. Faulty. You go to shoot the demon with it and the arrow doesn't work." He was giving me an incredulous look and I put my hands on my hips and rolled my eyes.

"Just humor me and check."
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Glasses Curious_wes_pryce_ on July 27th, 2005 03:24 pm (UTC)
As I walked out the door, I quickly paced toward my bike. Getting away from her. I could hear her footfalls behind me as the Dennis locked up the door. Why didn't she just go away? Leave me alone? Hadn't she done enough tormenting of Wesley? Apparently not, apparently she thinks I'm in need of more.

Dropping the bag next to my bike, I reached out for my helmet. ignoring her ramblings. "I do *not* need your help," I insisted through gritted teeth. Why should I believe a girl who took great delight in using me as her personal voodoo doll experiment and never even showed any regret. Sure, she was obviously sorry about hurting Cordelia.

But heaven forbid feeling sorry for anyone else. I hope those vision stay with her for a long time. She's a slayer, she can handle them and learn. Learn about other people's pain. Learn how she has the ability to hurt other people equally as bad and has done so. Not just me, not by a long shot. But all the others she passed on her destructive, psychotic way.

When I turned around to pick up my bag to put it away, she was suddenly in front of me. Flinching, I took a step back, my back connecting with my motorcycle. I stared at her with wide eyes, swallowing hard. "Die?" I blinked at her and snorted. "Then why are you here, Faith. Shouldn't that make you ecstatic?" Isn't that what she wanted?

And she just doesn't give up.

"Oh bloody hell. Fine! If that makes you get the hell away from me, then fine." Rolling my eyes, I kept them on her as I reached for the weapon. Pulling it out, I checked it over with a raised eyebrow. I pulled the bow back, then let it go without any fault. Eyebrow still raised, I looked back up at Faith.
Faith: crazy but i get the job donewickedslayer on July 28th, 2005 09:30 pm (UTC)
Crossing my arms I watched him as he finally took out the crossbow and went to check it. See! He'd see now that I was right about my vision thingy and now he'd just have to suck it up and accept my help because if he didn't he was gonna die. For real. Watching him I waited patiently as he tested the bow and was about ready to chime in with a big fat I told you so except...it worked. It wasn't faulty at all, the bow was workin' just fine. Narrowing my eyes in confusion I took a step back and glanced at the weapon. Could my vision be wrong? Was it just a dream? Oh yeah, cause I always have dreams while I'm totally awake and in the middle of makin' myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Speaking of? I never actually got to eat that and I was wicked hungry. So now what? Did I just say ooops sorry, musta been a fluke? Go on home and grab some eats and just let Wes deal with whatever he was gonna deal with and hope that he didn't die? Or maybe I just didn't care whether he died or not.

As soon as that thought crossed my mind the throbbing pain in my temple flared back up again so hard I thought it was gonna knock me on my ass for a second. Okay, I guess that was a big fat no to leavin' Wesley to his own devices. Retard'd probably get himself killed faulty crossbow or not and I apparently was gonna have to stop that from happening since the powers were kinda adament about it. Stupid powers. Couldn't they have given this gig to Angel? Or Cordelia? They'd be way better at actually giving a shit than I was. Check me out, I was a total wreck, a fucking mess of a human being. Why did they want me bound to their cause so badly? You'd think they'd be happy to be rid of me. Then again, I guess they were the one's who handed me the slayer gig in the first place. A reason for everything? I wasn't sure I really believed that, and I definitely never believed in myself.

"Fuck," I cursed under my breath, Wesley still lookin' down at me expectantly like why the hell wouldn't I just go away now. I couldn't go away I'd end up curled up on the lobby floor all day with the migraine from hell if I did that. Nope. He was just gonna have to deal with the fact that he was totally and completely stuck with me. "I don't know. In my vision you were fighting a demon and you go to shoot it with the crossbow and it doesn't work and then he kills you, Wes! And maybe you think I don't give a fuck and honestly I didn't think I really gave a fuck either but you are stuck with me today. You can't get rid of me, I'm comin' with you." He gave me another look and I stepped back with my hands raised in mock surrender. "I know you don't trust me, I don't blame you-- I totally, I totally fucked up, ok? I'm sorry 'bout that but you gotta believe me when I say you're in trouble and I'm the only one who can help you."

Well, Angel would probably be able to help him too if it wasn't for the pesky daylight issues that vampires seemed to have. So it was, I was the only one and he was just gonna have to accept that.

"Look, you're clearly goin' after something. Got some big baddie to smack down? Why don't you just let me help you? Havin' a slayer on your side's better than any weapon you got in that bag of yours."
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Crossbow (Literati)_wes_pryce_ on July 29th, 2005 11:47 am (UTC)
Confused I looked at her when it seemed she was unfocusing for a second or so. I'm guessing that had to be a vision....thing. I've no idea what else it could be. But either way, I had proven her wrong. The crossbow was working just fine and she was.. well I don't know what she was. Could the Powers be sending faulty visions just to annoy us? I didn't think we were here for their amusement.

Nor did I have to be anyone's amusement.

Stuffing my bag in the saddlebags of my bike, I sighed as Faith tried to figure out what she was supposed to do now. I didn't care either way, I had a job to do. I may not be really a part of Angel's business when it comes to taking down demons, but I could do this on my own. I have been a rogue demon hunter after all. Not to mention that I've been trained for this. Under controlled circumstances. Right, that certainly has worked out in the past.

She kept insisting that this demon would kill me and that the crossbow was faulty. Insisting I couldn't get rid of me and she was going on an on about it. Even admitting she didn't really care. Not that I thought it was in any way about me. It was about her, about getting rid of those images in her mind. That they were showing me, apparently, was just an inconvenience Straightening up, I gave her a look showing clearly I didn't believe me.

Did she just say sorry? For messing up?

I blinked at her, taking a step back and narrowing my eyes at her. "And how do you suppose you're going with me?" I'm taking my back and there is no way I'm giving her a lift. I'll not turn my back to her again. And having her actually sit behind me? That's asking for trouble. So unless she's going to be running after me, she'll have to come with a solution. And fast, the time is ticking away, I thought as I glanced at my watch.
Faith: one more look at the ghost- tinkermelliewickedslayer on July 30th, 2005 12:03 am (UTC)
How did I suppose I was goin' with him? Well, how's about the old fashioned way? We could walk, or I guess we could take his...sorta lame excuse for a motorcycle here. I'd have to ride bitch but right now? I'd do whatever it took to get those ugly pictures outta my head, ya know? There was no way I was turnin' around now and runnin' back to the hotel with my tail between my legs. Hell naw. I had a job to do and now? Now I was here to do it whether I liked it or not. Stupid fucking powers. Didn't they realize they picked the worst candidate ever to get their little psychic Miss Cleo readings?

"On the back of your bike?" I asked him tentatively shootin' him a helpless look. "Or ya know, we could walk back to the hotel, hot wire Angel's car." I smirked at him mischievously only to receive a stern look in return. Right. Wes was the watcher who didn't believe in havin' any fun. Guess that meant I had to behave myself or something. Been doin' a whole lot of behavin' lately and damn, I was cursin' out that commercial Cordy was auditioning for today. Cause I knew if anybody could get Wes to listen up it'd be her. She better have gotten the part after all this.

"I don't know. Look, you can be the boss. Just...tell me what you want me to do and I'll....I'll do it." God, it was killin' me to say that but at this point? I was startin' to get a little desperate and desperation led to things like me tyin' him up and throwin' him back inside Cordelia's apartment. Course this time I'd be tying him up to keep him safe. Not that he'd believe that and really? I don't wanna go down that road again for some reason.

Naw. Not some reason. I knew what the reason was and it was her. Cordelia.

He was givin' me a look like he was gonna test just how much I'd listen by ordering me to get the hell away from him. Shit. Hadn't thought about that one. "Unless you're gonna tell me to leave you alone, in which case that's the one thing I can't do today."
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Glasses2 by ?_wes_pryce_ on July 30th, 2005 04:51 am (UTC)
On the back of my bike? I stared at her with wide eyes. Surely she was joking! Did she actually think I was going to allow her to-to-to…. I don’t think so. Doesn’t she realize that? She must realize that right? I can call Faith any number of things, but stupid wasn’t one of them. She has a brain, she’s just too afraid to use it, which is why she keeps jumping over that edge and turn off onto the wrong path. Well, that and her tendency to channel her anger and frustration through violence. I’d show her a different way, but I doubt she’d be willing to even listen to me explain about mediation or Tai Chi and the likes.

The fact that she rectified herself right away, made me pause. She does know, she does realize and she’s trying. Is she? Trying? Taking a small step back, I narrow my eyes as I study her. She keeps on talking, coming up with solutions making it all to clear she’s very serious about not leaving me to go after this demon on my own. That’s….that’s confusing. I know how to handle angry, hateful Faith. By avoiding her at all cost. But this one? I’ve no idea what to do. I’m still afraid of her, though I try to hide that as best I can. But she’s trying. Should I give her a small finger in return, so to speak? Or is she just waiting for me to let my guard down to kill me and get rid of me after all?

Christ she’s confusing the hell out of me.

I think I must’ve given her a rather strange look when she told me I could be the boss and she’d do whatever I told her too. Maybe I could order her to leave me alone. Ah, I guess not. I knew there was a brain in there, now she just needs to use it dammit. “Errr….Faith, not to dwell on the past, but it’s still very fresh in my mind so you’ll have to excuse me. But…Do you really think I’d give you a lift, on the back of my bike, with my own back turned to you?” So what? Hotwire Angel’s car as she mentioned? Take the bus? Cab? Walking is to far for me, we’d never make it on time.
Faith: dreams silently screamed- tinkermelliewickedslayer on August 1st, 2005 09:12 pm (UTC)
I rolled my eyes involuntarily because this was gettin' frustrating as all hell. Hadn't I already offered him a few other options on that front? Yes, I understood that he wouldn't want me up on the bike with his back to me. Yes, I didn't blame him. Or something. I got all of that and that was why I thought we should go back to the hotel and snag Soul Boy's car. I was sure he'd let us borrow or ya know, I was sure he wouldn't probably notice if we just took the keys and borrowed it. No big, right? It was all in the name of fighting for good and beatin' down the evil. Puppies and kittens and fluffy little rainbows and definitely not killin nobody. Nope. So, Angel wouldn't really mind, right? Or else Wes could stop bein' stubborn and just let me ride on the back of his stupid bike. Taking a step towards him out of frustration I watched him as he flinched before quickly putting my hands up again and taking a step back. Didn't wanna freak him out, but it seemed like whatever I did freaked him out. Tried givin' him that gun! Wasn't my fault he wouldn't take it.

"Look, I get it Wes. I swear I do. You got no reason to trust me. At all. I don't blame you. But do you trust Cordy? You know she'd tell you to just let me tag along. If I was gonna do something stupid again don't you think I woulda hurt her by now? I mean, I been stayin' in that hotel with her for awhile now and we've been sleeping in the same bed everynight for almost as long. She trusts me. Can you at least trust that?" I knew he couldn't deny it cause he'd been around the two of us and her seperately. He'd seen firsthand that Queen C really did trust me and I knew that the two of 'em were pals. That had to count for something, especially since I nabbed her too. He looked a little uncomfortable with the whole me and Cordy sharin' a bed together but if I wanted him to trust me on this one thing? I needed to just be honest with him, C'd taught me that much. And it was true, me and Cor we had...a thing? A something, wasn't sure what it was but I knew I was desperate to hold onto it.

"I don't know how else to convince you, but I can't just let you go off on your own today. Sorry. I just can't." I had to stay firm and somehow come across as none threatening at the same time. Which to be fair? Was a feat all in itself. It was sort of in my nature to be threatening but I was tryin' to tone it down just for him. Couldn't he at least cut me a little slack? I was tryin' to save his life here and he was never gonna forget it. Hell, I couldn't forget it either but Cordelia had been pretty easy to win over in the end. I wasn't sure why I just remembered bein' confused when I woke up and she was standing over my bed tryin' to mend the various wounds I'd gotten from my fight with Angel. Weird girl. But she was mine, or at least she felt like mine a little bit.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Glasses books_wes_pryce_ on August 2nd, 2005 04:02 am (UTC)
Grabbing my helmet, my eyes lingered on the pink spare one in the other saddleback. She was making me nervous as hell, but I didn't think anyone could really blame me for that. Well, except Faith, but she seemed to make it a sport to blame me for everything. Especially her own mistakes. At least I admitted I made a mistake, I don't see her doing that. Still, time was running out. I squinted up at the moon, noticing it was about to reach it's full potential which meant the ritual was about to start.

Just as I was about to give up and just go over there with or without Faith on foot, she started to talk. I frowned over at her while I had started to push my bike of its standard. And once again I paused. She's making me pause a bloody awful lot today, it's starting to get disconcerting. But when she started about her and Cordelia, I wasn't actually surprised. Though, I had a feeling Angel might be, not that I cared about that. Mostly I just felt a bit hurt and betrayed by Cordy for doing this. And incredibly confused by Faith for not acting the way she was supposed to.

Wasn't she supposed to kill me? At the very least hurt me? Physically? Dear god, she just said sorry again. Cordelia must be a good influence on her. I wonder how many times Faith apologized to Cordy for what she'd done to her. For some reason I'm willing to bed it's a lot more times then she did to me. Funny how things work like that.

Sighing, I slumped down a bit and glanced over at Faith. She seemed determined. And if she did kill me, as part of me was suspecting, I'd come back to haunt them bloody both. Nerves wrecked through my body too much I nearly felt like running to a corner to vomit. I was going to let the girl who tired to painfully kill me...help me out. By *my* choice, not because she forced me too. She'd lost that privilege for the rest of her life, I hope she realizes that. Oh wait, she doesn't care.

Which is why she is confusing the hell out of me. I guess to her, I'm nothing more then today's little victim.

Sighing, I stared at her when she was done nattering. Part of me thought she might've used the little Cordelia angle to make me jealous. Part of me was angry because she managed to do just that. Even if it was a little bit. Slowly, I reached out for the pink helmet and held it out to her with a raised eyebrow.

"I don't care if you’re the Slayer. You're not getting on my bike without a helmet."

Good lord, what was I doing? I really must have a death wish.
Faith: haunted- tinkermelliewickedslayer on August 6th, 2005 03:02 am (UTC)
He seemed to think it over for like ever and a day and I was gettin' kinda bored. Didn't we have a demon to smack down? Wasn't that his big mission for the day? Wish that was mine, cause right now? Mine seemed like it was to protect the guy who'd severely fucked up as my watcher, the guy who I'd tied to a chair and cut open to make up for that fuck up. Never really did make me feel better though, hurtin' Wes. Just made me hurt more and I couldn't figure that out even then. It was makin' a little more sense to me now, but things were so completely different now than they were when I'd had him and Cordy held hostage in that apartment. I could see things now that I was never supposed to see, feel things I was never supposed to feel. I wanted to give it up, I wanted them to take it back. I wanted so much it was twistin' my stomach into knots but at the moment? I really wanted to help him, and I wasn't sure why or how.

He took me by surprise when he told me I needed a helmet and was that...? Did he just give in? I mean, he was gonna have to give in cause I wasn't gonna let him go by himself and I knew that he knew that I could do just that if he forced me to. If it meant I had to scare the shit out of him to save his life well then...that was just an added bonus. Taking the helmet from him I looked down and immediately noticed that it was bright pink. Bright pink? What kinda fag drives around in a pink helmet? Glancin' up at him as he put on his own helmet I noticed that his was emphatically not pink. This was the lady's helmet, did Wes ride around with a lot of ladies? I had a hard time believing that he did. Couldn't we just swap? Pink was really more his color than mine.

With a sigh I begrudgingly put on the pink helmet and a small smile almost twitched up the corner of his mouth. A smile which we quickly hid but I'd still seen it. He couldn't hide everything from me and I hoped he was fucking enjoying this moment. Because me? Not so much. Instead he just gave me a look and got on the bike before giving me an expectant look. Now or never, Faith. Climbing on the back of the bike, I tried not to get offended when he flinched as I put my arms around his waist. Well, what the fuck was I supposed to hold on to? Maybe that was his master plan. Not givin' me anything to hold onto and then crashin' the bike or something. Course, that didn't really make much sense when you consider the fact that I'm way more likely to survive a motorcyle crash than he was.

"Ready whenever you are, Boss." I said in a light tone, still holding onto his waist as he started up the motorcycle.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Crossbow (Literati)_wes_pryce_ on August 6th, 2005 07:58 am (UTC)
Part of me quivered in fear when she took the helmet and part of cheered silently. When she put it on, her face looked so much like Cordelia's had when she had to put the helmet on, twice, it nearly made me laugh. Wonder if I can ever get Angel to wear it, that should be quite a challenge. Why am I even thinking about that? Shaking my head at myself, I climbed on the bike and waited for to get up as well.

There were flashes going through my mind when she put her arms around my waist. Flashes of her face, but mostly her hands covered with my blood, wielding knifes and pokers as they kept coming for me time and time again. Holding in the shiver I felt trying to escape, I quickly started the bike.

Boss? Blinking, I raised an eyebrow and looked at her over my shoulder. Boss, my arse. As if anyone was her Boss. Well, if you want to look really close, which I wasn't, Cordelia in a way was her Boss. She was the one Faith listened to; she was the one who had an influence on Faith.

But now was not the time to think about that, I - we - had a job to do. Driving away from the curb, I pulled out the gas and wove my way through traffic toward where this demon was supposed to be. Wasn't driving slow either, whomever drives slow on a bike anyway? But we were in a hurry; time was ticking away for its victim.
Faith: live with regret- tinkermelliewickedslayer on August 8th, 2005 05:28 am (UTC)
I held on tightly to Wesley as he expertly weaved around curves and in and out of traffic. Where'd he learn to ride a bike like such a badass anyway? And what the fuck was Wussley doin' with a motorcycle. Totally not keeping with his image. He should drive like a Lincoln Towncar or something. Naw, that was way too classy. Hmmm. Maybe a Jeek Cherokee? This was the last thing I expected Wes to be ridin' around on but I wasn't gonna complain...even if I had to wear the stupid pink helmet. Dude, no wonder Wes never got laid if he lived his life like this. So close to bein' a badass but the total nerd just ended up shinin' right through. Not to mention the condescending prick part of his personality but hey, who's countin', right? I was mostly just glad that he actually let me tag along without too much of a fight. Maybe it was because he knew that no matter how hard he fought it, I was always gonna win. If I had to drag his ass back in the house and hogtie him til Cordy came home I'd do just that.

Anything to make this splitting headache go away.

Finally he pulled up in front of some gigantic creepy lookin' mansion. Almost looked like one of those places featured in bad B horror flicks. Kinda had an Amityville thing goin' for it. Whatever. I was just goin' in to keep Wes from gettin' himself killed and to kill whatever beastie he was goin' after. And seriously, Cordy or Angel needed to talk to him about this headin' out half cocked and gettin' himself killed thing he was tryin' to do. Wasn't Wesley supposed to be the wimpy one? The one with all the brains? I mean shit. This was something I'd do. Except I was a slayer so havin' a faulty crossbow wasn't really that big a deal for me.

"This is where the big spooky monster lives?" I asked him quizzically as he got off of his bike and gave me a look. My eyes glanced over the periph wondering what the best way to get in there was gonna be. Maybe we could get in through the....

Then I had to stop and remind myself that I'd told Wes I'd take his orders save for ordering me to get the hell away from him. This sucked cause now it was like he really was my watcher or something. Cause hell, I didn't take orders from him when he was supposed to be my watcher and it sucked that I had to do it now. I really think the powers that be were just fuckin' with me for fun. They were probably watchin' and havin' a big old laugh at Faith tryin' to do whatever Wes said to do.With a sigh I glanced up at Wesley expectantly.

"So...how does this go down? Got a game plan?" Please say no. But by the look on his face it looked like had formulated one already. Great. Was it annoy the beast to death by talkin' to it? Cause I was sure he'd be a pro at that.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Glasses Curious_wes_pryce_ on August 8th, 2005 03:28 pm (UTC)
That had been without a doubt the most frightening ride of my life. It was worse then when that whole clan of Garlush demons ran after me in Arizona and I barely got away with my life. But it was the thought of Faith being so close by, her arms around my waist as she held on while we sped our way to our destiny. God, if she wanted she could snap me in half.

She already damn near succeeded in kiling me once. What's going to stop her from doing it a second time? Cordelia? I don't see her here with us. I don't see her stoping Faith if she really wanted to. And I'm not quite convinced she doesn't want to. All she has to do is dump my body in some sewer and I’d be lucky if my remains would be found. Cordy would never know.

So my usually driving skills were a bit off as I wove my way through traffic nervously. I had to stop myself from tensing up every time she so much as moved. But that was hard, almost damn near impossible. But we finally made it and I let out a breath of relief when I parked the bike. She hopped off the bike and I took of my helmet before getting off myself. I quickly stuffed both of them back in the saddlebags and took out the weapons before locking the bike.

I nodded at her question, turning to look at the place. Christ, Norman Bates mother could very easily have moved here. It would seem my contacts had seemed to fail to inform me that the place looked like some cheap horror movie ghost house. I frowned when Faith actually asked *me* what to do. In fact, I was momentarily dumbstruck. My mind seemed to have a bit of trouble connecting this Faith with the one I knew.

Shaking myself, I grabbed my own gun and put in the holster of my jacket before grabbing the crossbow with a determined look on my face. "We go in, catch it by surprise and take it out," I shrugged. So I didn't really have a plan. But this was the best approach and it usually worked.
Faith: tragedy starting to happen- tinkermelliewickedslayer on August 9th, 2005 01:33 am (UTC)
"Right." I answered slowly just lookin' up at him for a second but I knew he was way too stubborn to admit to the fact that this? The worst plan ever! Fuck. No wonder he was supposed to die today. What idiot goes headfirst into some demon's nest with a faulty crossbow? Well I mean, I'd do it but that was way different. I wasn't nearly as breakable as Wes was. He was gonna get himself killed for sure.

I had to practically bite my tongue off to not argue with him about it. Fair was fair and I said that he could call the shots. So, I guess I just had to be prepared for a really sucky battle. Well, it would suck until I saved his life and then he'd realize that I wasn't crazy....er well...that I wasn't crazy because I said he was gonna die today. Fuck. I hope he almost dies. Because I needed to prove something to him and I had no idea why.

With a shrug I followed him towards the back of the estate towards a smaller door that wasnt' really part of the main house. Must be like where the maid and shit would stay if this was a normal house. As it was? Just looked kinda creepy to me.

Wes was lookin' at me expectantly like he really didnt' wanna have to his back to me in the creepy old house. Fine. Looked like it was my turn to play leader in follow the leader.

The door was locked, but I easily broke the lock as I yanked it open. Stepping inside a small hallway I immediately scrunched my nose as I looked around the musty dank space, brushing cobwebs out of my face. "Okay, now this? Just gross. I mean c'mon, house this big? Get a fucking maid."
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Crossbow (Literati)_wes_pryce_ on August 9th, 2005 11:49 am (UTC)
As plans go, this one doesn't suck. I mean, what am I supposed to do? Knock on the door and politely ask the demon to come out and let us kill it? I doubt that will work. Besides, I tried that in Tulsa. And uhm, it didn't work out very well. At all, in fact. So that plan was out the window.

I gave her a look when she said right in a tone that meant 'wrong'. I don't see her coming up with anything else! What is she going to do, tie it to a chair and torture it to death? Which would work, I suppose, but I tend not to inflict unneeded pain upon my opponents. And dear god, I have her as my back up. I'm not sure what is worse. A demon in front of Faith at my back.

Still, I had made my choice and I suppose I get to run with hit now. Let's hope I don't regret it later on. Or Cordelia for that matter. Right well. Let's get this show on the road as they say.

Squaring my shoulders I started toward the house. It really was a very frightening looking house. I have to say the demon certainly knew how to pick his battleground. I was still expecting Norman Bates mother to jump out at any moment.

Or my own. Wouldn't make much of a difference.

I kept my eye on Faith and when we came to the house I was getting a bit nervous about having my back to her. The door was locked anyway, now would be a good time to get her to show off her strength. Oh wait; she'd already done that in that apartment hadn't she? Then now would be the time to show she could use it for other things.

She broke the lock easily and stepped into the house. Hefting my crossbow, I was right behind her as we moved along silent halls. The sudden sound of her voice nearly made me jump. Muttering curses under my breath, I fumbled with the grip on my crossbow. "Could we must find the demon and get rid of it. Instead of critiquing its maid?" I hissed through clenched teeth.

Besides, I'd like to get home before Friends. I hope Dennis doesn't forget to tape it if I'm not on time. Taking another deep breath, I squared my shoulders again and started toward the...kitchen. At least, that’s where my contact had said it spend most of its time. Strange demon.
Faith: fighter- tinkermelliewickedslayer on August 10th, 2005 07:00 am (UTC)
Jeez. Check then. Guess I wasn't allowed to speak during this little mission. Should I ask permission to breathe? Tryin' to play nice was startin' to suck minute by minute and I desperately wished those ptbs could keep their visions to themselves. Because if they had there'd be no way in hell I'd end up over in the middle of Eastbumfuck tryin' to help Wes here take out a demon.

Rolling my eyes I walked into the kitchen, glancing around but seein' nothin'. Didn't even feel nothin' which was kinda weird considering I had the slay senses goin' for me. Usually I just got that good down low tingly feelin' anytime there was a vamp or demon nearby. I liked that feeling. Liked the feelin' after kickin' some ass even more. Slaying was the best high around and nobody knew that better than me. Cause let's face it, B? She ain't got no basis for comparison. Maybe that was why she was wound up so tight. Shoulda slipped her a pot brownie.

With a sigh I spun around quickly and gave Wesley an indignant look. He actually seemed a little bit startled but I didn't really give a shit. "Are you sure this is where the demon is?" I asked him quietly, forgetting all about the fact that I wasn't supposed to be talkin'. Besides this place didn't look that familiar. Kinda hard to tell though when you're focused on so many other things. Visions were a bitch like that. Whoever thought I should have this job was seriously out of their fucking mind.

"I dont' think there's anything here-" I'd barely gotten the words out when I felt something lunge at me, Wesley quickly pullin' out the crossbow. Not the crossbow you idiot! It's broken!

I tried to struggle out of it's grip, finally turnin' around so I could face it as it's giant meaty hand closed down around my throat and pulled me off of my feet. God damn, it was bigger in person than it was in my head! Desperately I tried to pry his fingers loose from my neck but instead got hurled across the room for my troubles. Flying across a countertop, I knocked everything off of it, lettin' it shatter and smash on the floor before I fell hard on the broken glass, smashing my head on the floor. "Son of a bitch," I muttered, shaking my head.

Slowly I pulled my way back up to my feet just in time to see the demon towering over Wesley on the other side of the counter.

"Wes, run!" I yelled before clenching my teeth and wrapping my hand around a jagged piece of glass just as a claw came slashing down, catching Wesley right in the collarbone. Fuck. I had to move fast.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Crossbow (Literati)_wes_pryce_ on August 10th, 2005 05:10 pm (UTC)
I kept behind her at all times. That feeling of being safe was a long way from here, especially with her around. But I'd been doing my damnest to show her some trust. She'd tied me to a chair and tortured me for hours. Hell, I could still feel some pain and probably always would. What did she expect? Hugs and kisses? No, instead I still saw that flicker of hate in her eyes every now and then.

If I'd been anyone else, I'd have taken that gun she'd offered and shot her. But I'm not any other guy. I'm the idiot who thinks people deserve a second chance, no matter how much I'd like to punch their lights out. Not that I'd ever got that far with Faith, but it was the thought that counted.

When Faith suddenly spun around, I took a step back looking at her startled. Good god, I wish she'd stop doing that. She's as bad as this Angel character. Perhaps we should give them both a bell around their necks. I should discuss this with Cordy. She's probably all for it. "Yes, I'm sure," I said a little doubtfully, glancing around.

Then everything went rather fast. It was suddenly there, picking up Faith and tossing her aside. I quickly fumbled for my crossbow, ready to fire it. I never got that far though. It got slapped out of my hand, skirting over the floor toward the wall. "Dammit." As I made a dive for it, a heavy claw came down on my color bone. I bit my lips from crying out as the sound of newly healed flesh tearing again and barely healed bone cracking reached my ears.

No time for that now, I had to do something. I dove underneath the second swipe of claws and made my way over to the crossbow. Run. I wasn't going to run anywhere. My days as a coward are over, even though I was scared to death. Faith was attacking the demon and I aimed my crossbow waiting for an opening. When I finally found it, and let go of the lever....Nothing happened. The fall to the floor must've broken the damn thing.

Just like in the vision.

Tossing the thing to the side for now. I reached into my pocket for my gun. It wasn't as effective as an arrow through the eyes, but a few bullets in the head would do the trick as well. It would just take a little bit longer. Now if only Faith would stop jumping in the line of fire. "Faith! *Move*!" Yes right, as if she was really going to listen to me while she was fighting. Dammit.
Faith: violence- tinkermelliewickedslayer on August 10th, 2005 10:29 pm (UTC)
I heard him yell at me to move and it was kinda hard at the moment without gettin' my ass knocked across the room. Lashing out with a quick uppercut I knocked the demon aside so that Wes could get a clear shot. Would bullets kill this thing? I doubted it. The sound of the gunshot echoed through the house as a bullet lodged itself into the demon's shoulder. It cried out in pain before lunging at Wesley and knocking him to the floor.

Alright, time for fun and games was over. Runnin' over to the counter I found a steak knife that hadn't been knocked to the floor with everything else when I decided to try flyin'. Grabbing it I marched over to the demon tryin' to maul Wes to death and kicked him hard in the face, sending him tumbling off of Wes and to the floor. In the same quick movement I stepped over Wesley and slammed the knife into the demons skull. Right in the fucking center. Bulls eye, baby.

The monster screamed and grabbed onto my ankle, and then my hand yankin' me down to the floor with him and Wesley. His blood was green and I grimaced as it trickled down to his eyes. He grabbed my arm hard, probably wantin' to break it but his grip was weak and after a minute his head lolled to the side lazily. Dead.

With a sigh I stood up and wiped some sweat off of my brow before glancin' down where Wes was still on the floor. He looked a little rough around the edges. I probably did too but hey, least the mission was accomplished. He wasn't dead.

Reaching out a hand to help him up he just sorta looked at me uneasily. Oh what the fuck? What? I'd just saved his ass and now he wouldn't even let me help him up off the floor? Fuck. What did it take?
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Glasses Curious_wes_pryce_ on August 11th, 2005 03:04 pm (UTC)
Christ. I had underestimated the power of a backfiring gun. I was only able to get one shot out before the demon knocked me on the floor. I managed to roll with the punch to avoid my shoulder hitting the floor. I'm not going back to the hospital again. Not a chance, no way, nada and also nuh-uh. I hate those and I can't afford those.

I turned over to my back just in time to see the demon coming for me. Before I could either bring up my feet to kick his balls or...err...something, there was a flash and Faith stepped over me. She pushed the demon away slamming what I assumed was a knife into its head. Then everything went rather fast.

There was green blood splattering around, some of it landing on Faith and I. Luckily not much, considering it was slimy...and green. Faith landed on the floor with a thud. The demon reached out again, but it was obvious there wasn't much fight left in him. Thank god. It took a few moments, but then it dropped the side, hopefully dead. I don't think it's breathing. It better be dead.

I was still staring at the thing, making sure it was dead and stayed dead when hand appeared in my line of vision. Huh? I had my own hand pressed against my shoulder and turned slowly to look up at Faith. She was helping me of the floor now? Wasn't her job done? I wasn't dead; she'd done her good dead. Shouldn't she toddle off now and look all smug? Wearily, I looked at the hand, a small frown forming.

This is just surreal. The girl who tried to kill me not all that long ago is now offering me a hand up. Fine. I let her ride pillion, I'm sure I can manage a hand up without risk having it ripped off.

Slowly I reached up and took her offered hand. She pulled me up and we both stood there a bit awkwardly, brushing our hands on our pants. I had no idea what to say, now that the job was done. What did one usually say? I'm really not used to teamwork of any kind. "Uhm... Well that was... Err.. Well done, Faith."

What? It's not as though I did a whole lot. Other then being swatted around and shoot a bullet. Sighing, I padded over to the crossbow and picked the thing up from the floor with a groan. The house can have the bloody demon, I'm going home. Shower, sleep, and ice for my shoulder. "Should I drop you off a the hotel?" I ask tiredly.
Faith: better off alone- tinkermelliewickedslayer on August 11th, 2005 11:16 pm (UTC)
Well done. Well done? That was all I got after that one? Well done. Well, I guess that was the stuffy Brittish was of sayin' I was wrong and you were right. Not that I ever expected him to say anything like that to me. This was Wes we were talkin' about after all and well...he just couldn't ever admit that he was wrong about anything. Especially when it came to me. Even though I could. I knew I was wrong, it was bad and wrong what I did to him. I was sorry for it. I really fucking was and after I'd just saved his life? I guess that drove the point even further home. Not that I was about to tell him that. Not now. Probably not ever.

Brushing the dust and dirt off my pants I pulled a few pieces of stray glass out of my skin from when I'd landed on top of dishes and vases and whatever else had been on the counter before I'd destroyed it. With a hiss I pulled the final bloodied piece of glass free before throwin' it to the floor. I saw Wesley's follow it to the floor and I vaguelly wondered what he was thinkin' about. Was he thinkin' about that time I'd scraped him up with bloodied glass? Probably.

"What?" I asked him confused before lettin' his words sink in. Thought for sure I'd be walkin' home now since he hadn't trusted me to be on the back of his bike on the way over here. So what? I saved his ass and now he did? I was confused. Thought for sure nothin' I'd ever do would be enough.

And I knew that in some way it probably would never be enough.

Fuck. Why did Cordy have to be so hell bent on keepin' both of us around here? I wondered if I'd accidently jarred something loose in her noggin when I'd been beatin' on her that night. Wouldn't surprise me. I mean, why the fuck else would she be warmin' my bed up every night?

With a shrug I followed him out through the same door we'd come in from and headed towards his bike. I stopped for a second in the front yard and just glanced back up at the giant house. Was he sure that was the only one in there? This place seemed awful big for one demon.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Glasses2 by ?_wes_pryce_ on August 12th, 2005 01:46 pm (UTC)
Rolling my shoulder until I head a popping sound, I waited for her to make up her bloody mind. As I press my shoulder a little bit to get it placed better, isn't it wonderful to get practice with this at an early age? I suddenly saw piece of glass in her had.

My mind whirled back to that room, that chair, Faith standing over me jabbing a piece of glass in my arm. Knifes, hot pokers, fists, anything she could think of. I swallowed hard, still able to smell the burning flesh lingering in my nose. I doubt I'll ever really get rid of that. Nor the feeling in my bones as I recall that night.

And that's the girl I'm giving a ride back to her hotel. That's the girl who just had a vision about me. That's the girl who made certain that vision didn't come true. To say that I was confused would be a rather gross understatement.

Shaking myself at he words, I shrugged and turned around. Might was well get the hell out here. Otherwise it would only get more uncomfortable. I walked out the door making a beeline for my motorbike. Stuffing the weapons back into the saddlebags and the helmets out, I looked over at her. What was she looking at now? Can't we just go home? Or she to the bloody hotel and I to Cordy's place?
Faith: bend and break- tinkermelliewickedslayer on August 12th, 2005 10:23 pm (UTC)
Finally I stopped staring up at the huge estate before I glanced back at Wesley, still giving me just as weary a look as he had been before. I was never gonna be able to get him to trust me and I guess....I guess that was fair. I probably wasn't ever gonna be able to trust him either. But at least neither of us had tried to kill the other one tonight and hey, I even saved him from gettin' killed. Points for me.

Walkin' over to him and his bike I bit on my bottom lip givin' him a look before turnin' back around and glancin' at the house. Was he hurt? Was this a stupid idea? Only one way to find out.

"Awfully big place, don't ya think?" I asked idly. "I mean, why would only one demon live in a palace like this?" I turned around and gave him a pointed look as he started to consider what I was sayin' to him. "You sure there's no more in there?"

By the look on his face I could tell that he didn't wasn't sure about that. I wondered how he even knew about the original demon. The one that was supposed to kill him today.

"We could....we could go check." He gave me a dubious look and I only matched it with a determined one. "C'mon! It'll be fun."
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Glasses books_wes_pryce_ on August 13th, 2005 06:42 am (UTC)
What was taking her so long? She kept looking back at the house and I wonder what she saw. It wasn’t like any of the houses I’ve seen before, even though it looked spooky enough to be the Wyndam-Pryce estate. The place where nightmares were born bred and kept alive. Even beyond death, I was certain about that. I was certain I was about to find out a few weeks ago.

“What?” I looked at her confused and then back at the house. What was she getting at? What was she up to? Good lord, was that ever not going to be included in my thoughts? What she was up to? I know I have my reasons, but I’m trying so very hard here to trust her even a little bit. But she did nearly kill me; it had been her plan to do so. Had it not been for Angel, I’d be dead now. I just cannot turn around and trust her like that, no matter how hard I try.

Was I sure there weren’t any more in there. That’s not what my contact had told me, but he could be a liar. So, no, I had no idea. It wasn’t unheard of that this particular demon lived in groups, clans. But we’d have seen them by now; they’re usually very protective of each other. She may have a point though. “Fun?” I gave her an even more dubious look. This wasn’t a game to me, I wasn’t a Slayer who’d just jump up, grin and cheer for more. I was only human; there was only so much my body could take at the moment. Still, we couldn’t risk having demons like that on the loose, endangering the innocents. Did I just say ‘we’? Good lord.

“Well, I s-suppose we could go look,” I muttered, turning around to rummage through my saddlebags again. Pulling out an axe, I turned around and gave her an expectant look. This was her show now, she thought there might be more, and the she could tell me where to look. Besides, I don’t think I’m up to getting tossed around a bit more.
Faithwickedslayer on August 14th, 2005 05:26 am (UTC)
Did he have to stammer when he said that? Fuck me. Maybe he should just get on his cute little moped and pedal his ass all the way home with his gay pink helmet. I could go in get my slay on, then go home and let my girl lick my wounds. And by lick my wounds? I meant literally. That girl was hot. No one else out there like her and I knew that half the reason I'd even stuck around this long was for her. Vaguelly I wondered if I would've still gotten the visions if I'd left when I'd wanted to. Probably not. Cause I'd probably be dead.

Looked at Wes for a minute before I realized he was all geared up and in the game. Let's go kill some beasties then.

"This time? I vote not goin' in through the guest house cause ummm....hey, I got no problem slayin' demons but spiders kinda freak me out." I cursed myself inwardly for sayin' that outloud. Arachnaphobia? Could they think of something lamer for the slayer to be terrified of then spiders?

Before he could even reply to that I started striding purposefully back towards the house.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Crossbow (Literati)_wes_pryce_ on August 14th, 2005 07:36 am (UTC)
Again with the long thinking. Now why didn’t she do that in Sunnysdale? I’ve always know she had a brain, she just needed to use it. Only not to try out the different techniques of torture. I think the world can do without those. Or, well, my world at the very least And I think Cordelia’s world as well.

When she finally spoke I raised my eyebrow at what she said. Admitted. What’s this then? Faith admitted a weakness? At least she’d see it as one. As it was I had to agree with her. I was terrified of spiders. Having being bitten enough by them in that damn closet. When I was very small, I was so scared of them, feeling them crawl around on my skin, underneath my clothes in the everlasting darkness of that closet.

“Yes,” I whispered in a quiet agreement. I looked up startled when she already moved out thought. Right. Checking to make sure there aren’t any other demons. Must do our job and all that. Though, when exactly it became *our* job, I’ve no idea. Sighing, I hefted my weapon and strode after her back into the house.
Faith: kill with me- tinkermelliewickedslayer on August 15th, 2005 06:54 pm (UTC)
This time? Burst right in through the fucking front door. Fuck this hidin' out with the cobwebs shit, it was time to get the job done right. My way. Okay, so maybe that didn't exactly go together but it sounded kinda cool in my head just then. "Honey, I'm home." I said sardonically and was relieved to see no massive spiderwebs drapin' all over the place. If I ever had to fight a giant spider demon? My ass was gonna be grass, no doubt. I'd probably find some place to hide.

Okay, enough thinkin' about what a wuss I was, time to slay some demons. Assuming that there were more. Something told me that there was though. With a shrug I glanced around before nodding at the rickety set of stairs in the main foyer. Knew Wes had my back, gun in hand (and how weird was that?!) as I made my way up the stairs. Every single one creaked and moaned under our weight and I grimaced every time. This really was like the set to some bad B horror flick.

"Anything else I should know about these guys besides the gigantic claws?" I whispered, glancing back at Wesley just as a giant screech filled up the top half of the house. My eyes widened and I glanced around tryin' to figure out where the source of it had come from. It was hard to tell with these acoustics. Everything was so echoey. But at least we knew there were definitely more of 'em now. Hopefully? Only one of 'em.

Fuck that. I could go for a whole nest. I was feelin' in the mood to kick a little ass.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Glasses2 by ?_wes_pryce_ on August 16th, 2005 08:03 am (UTC)
Honey I’m home? Ah, right. I had all but forgotten about the witty banter one is supposed to project while in the midst of a battle. Or right before it apparently. I never understood that urge. I think it must be an American thing. I most certainly wouldn’t be going around uttering these odd wordings.

Sighing, I rolled my eyes and just kept the grip on my gun and followed her deeper into the bloody house. If there are any more demons, I’m going to have a talk with Brad. For selling me incomplete information. Oh yes, I’ll have…err…words with him. Hard. Words. Hard words. I could have hard words with him.

Damn, I hope Dennis doesn’t forget to tape ‘Friends’

I blinked when the turned to me and asked me a question. Asked me a question. Not a taunt. Not a hit below the belt, not a sneer. No, a relevant question. One to which I of course hat the answers for. Only I never got that far. The was a sound that made my blood run cold and I shivered.

It was hard to tell where that had come from. The sound eerily bounced off against the walls before it reached us. I suppose it would be redundant to say that it didn’t look good.

“Well the-the same as I told you about the uhm, other demon.” I wonder if they’ve any salt in the kitchen. It’s amazing what a little salt can do at times.
Faith: delicate & wild- tinkermelliewickedslayer on August 16th, 2005 09:18 pm (UTC)
I was about to remind him that he hadn't really told me jack last time around but for the time bein' all my senses were perked up and I was ready for a smackdown. Pickin' a snark battle with Wes wasn't really high on my list of priorites. Actually I wasn't sure what my priorities were anymore. It used to be wicked easy.

#1. Find Buffy.
#2. Destroy Buffy.

Things got more complicated the longer I stayed in L.A. Well, things got complicated the minute I let Cordelia into my life. Not that I had a choice on that one, I mean yeah it was my choice to kidnap Queen C but it was her choice to force me to let her in.

Right. Stop thinkin' about Cordy and focus on the big bad beasties we were supposed to be slaughtering. Really wish I had a better weapon right about now. One that wasn't faulty like his stupid crossbow. Next time? Test it out before you go off into battle half cocked. Sheesh.

I heard another wail and this time it sounded less like something keening and more like a protective warning. Get the fuck out. Something about the intensity in the shrill voice that made me think they were hidin' something in here. Something they didn't want us to find.

I nodded at Wes and glanced around the hallway before finding a door all the way on the far right. Walkin' slowly up to it I put my hand on the knob makin' sure Wes was ready with that big ass gun. See something? Shoot it. A sound philosophy if you asked me.

Quickly I burst through the door and my eyes widened at what I saw. A whole host of nasty slippery slimy giant eggs, plastered to the walls and the ceilings and everywhere else you could see in the room. Now I knew what they were hiding and judging by the wail that was getting closer?

Mama wasn't very happy.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes Glasses2 by ?_wes_pryce_ on August 17th, 2005 08:12 am (UTC)
Whatever that noise was? It didn’t sound very good. Then again, when do sounds in houses like these ever sound good. Taking a deep breath, I followed her until the sound started to sound different. We must be getting close then. I wiped my sweating hand on my jeans before tightening my grip on the gun. Can’t mess up now, I started this and I’m bloody well going to end it.

We. I suppose it’s we now. I still can’t get over that. I’m creeping around a horror house with Faith. Lord have mercy on my soul.

Frowning when she nodded at me, I swallowed hard when she opened the door which seemed to hide the wailing sound. The wailing became more high pitched and when I glanced around Faith I could see why. Eggs. Slimy at that. But of course, I should’ve known that I’d not get away from here without being slimed at least once. It would figure.

Stepping around her, I tilted my head at the mother who looked less then happy to see us. Right then, we needed to do two things. Destroy the eggs. Destroy Mum. I vote that Faith take care of the Mum while I take care of the eggs. Sounds like a good plan to me. As plans go, I mean. Not a bad one, let’s hope Faith agrees.

Glancing around, I noticed a steel pipe on the floor. Good, that would work better to smash those eggs then with the butt of my gun. Grabbing it, I turned to Faith while the mother glared at us, growling softly. It was starting to get louder though, no doubt she was ready to attack. When I glanced over at the eggs, I noticed some of them were moving and others had small cracks in the shells. Bugger.

“Uhm, how about this. You take out the mother, while I take care of the eggs."

Good lord, that almost sounded like one of those godawful comercials I've seen on the telly once. Well, minus the demon part of course.
Faith: haunt me with your violence- tinkermelliwickedslayer on August 19th, 2005 08:43 am (UTC)
"Uh huh." I muttered ducking just in time to escape Momma's claw lashin' out at my face. I blinked quick, and straightened back up. Hoped that Wes had everything all under control with the demon eggs behind me. Couldn't really risk a glance back with the big bad nasty clawmonster tryin' to tear my eyeballs out. Why did I think it would be fun to come back in here and see if there were more? Lashing out with a punch I knocked her hard in the face, sending her staggering back against the wall. Oh yeah, I remember now.

A smirk spread across my face as the bitch came roaring back up at me, lashing out with claws and jaws and everything else she had, tryin' to protect her babies. From the sound of metal on wood behind me, Wes was already takin' care of them and it only pissed her off more.

Quickly I kicked up and hit her square in the jaw as she countered by grabbing a handful of my hair. The sounds of screeching filled the entire room, makin' me wanna just put my hands over my ears instead of workin' on smackin' around the demon in front of me. Was that the sound of the little baby demons dying? Cause it was kinda creepy and reminded me of rabbits screamin' for some reason.

The sound was distracting because before I knew it I was gettin' a sharp claw to the ribs. Keeling over in surprise I put a hand to my side as she pushed past me and made a b-line for Wesley. Oh great, I'd come here with him to save his life and now he was gonna die and it was gonna be all my fault. Don't think so.

Turnin' around I could see that Wes had already done a pretty good job on the eggs and she was comin' right up on him as he turned around, me right on her heels.

"Wes! The pipe." I reached my hand out as Wes tossed me the pipe and just before she got to him, I caught up to her. With my hands on two ends of the pipe I jumped up and smashed it into her throat, my weight holding it down, quickly I twisted my body to the right sharply listening to her spine snap. Letting go I let her body and the pipe drop to the floor with a thud, the screeching finally starting to quiet down a little bit.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Oops S2_wes_pryce_ on August 19th, 2005 10:52 am (UTC)
I'm steering clear of eggs for the rest of my bloody life. Easter might even give me a trauma. The slime which came from those things with each blow covered me from head to toe. My shoulder was burning, but there was no way I could stop now. Some of the babies were coming out already and I had to bash their heads in. Not a pleasant task either.

I kept glancing over at Faith to see if she needed any help. So far she seemed to be handling the mother reasonably well. Damn, it's getting slippery in here. There were high pitched cries emerging all around us and I moved quickly to make them stop. They were obviously distracting Faith. I was so emerged in whacking the eggs and bashing in babies’ head - which sounds very awful - that I'd not noticed the mother getting away from Faith.

Quickly, I turned around and nearly slipped on some of the slime I didn't even think when Faith hollered for the pipe, I just threw it at her. Stumbling back after that, I did my best to stay out of reach of the mowing claws, ducking when they came to close. It lasted only a minute, less probably before a loud snap sounded through the room and the demon fell to the floor. The crying died down a bit; there were a few eggs left and one or two babies.

Panting, I stared at her, slime dripping from us as we stood there. Then I turned to look at the demon and raised my eyebrow. "Why must you play with my weapons?" I asked dryly, picking up the pipe. "Didn't you bring your own?"
Faith: fall down shape of you- tinkermelliewickedslayer on August 20th, 2005 07:47 am (UTC)
I scrunched up my face in disgust as I glanced down at my body, dripping with slime from head to toe. Wes was even more covered and I could already hear the lecture I was gonna get from Cor about new clothes and slime and how I had to be more careful and blah blah blah. Sometimes ex-cheerleaders didn't understand that a girl's gotta get a little dirty sometimes. Course, it did kinda suck that my new leathers were gettin' all mucked up. Oh well, wouldn't be any fun if I never got dirty at least a little bit, ya know?

There were still a couple babies emerging from their shells but I'd had more than enough of this crap. I was ready to go home and shower and call it a day. Say bye to Wes and finally let him have his day to himself just like he'd wanted it from the very beginning. Quickly I ripped the pipe out of Wesley's hand before smashing it back into the few remaining eggs and babies.

"C'mon, let's get outta here." I said in a low even tone as the screeching finally quited down. Thank God, cause it was already way too noisy in my head without havin' to add screamin' demon babies to the list. Just needed to be alone, needed some fucking peace and quiet for a little while. Needed to quiet down the chatter in my head tellin' me to pick up the pipe and finish Wes off while I was at it.

Would be kinda pointless to save a guy just to kill him. Least that didn't make any good kind've sense to me and I really didn't wanna hurt Wes I was just...I was just so pissed at him I couldn't help but wanna hurt him. At least a little. Self-control was a serious bitch.

Marching out through the bedroom door and down the stairs with Wesley in tow we walked outside towards the motorcycle. I was all sticky and covered in slime and it was wicked gross. Wesley's bike was gonna be a mess by the time we got back to Cordy's place.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes angry S2_wes_pryce_ on August 21st, 2005 11:41 am (UTC)
This was just utterly disgusting. Not that I’d never been…slimed…before, but this was just utterly disgusting. And we still had to go back on the bike. I glanced around to the number of eggs that still needed to be taken care off. But just as I was about to do that, Faith ripped the pipe out of my hand and did it myself. Show off, didn’t she trust me to take care of it? It was my job! And I was doing a good job if it too, dammit.

I wrinkled my nose when sounds finally stopped and sighed. Well, I suppose that works too, can we get out of here now? Apparently Faith agreed with my sentiment because she just said what I was thinking and marched out of the room. Someone’s in a hurry. Probably been around the pathetic ex-watcher to much and is ready to get out. That’s her problem, she was the one who all but forced herself to tag along. I could’ve handled this on my bloody own. I’d have died trying, but I could’ve gotten the job done.

Joining her once we were outside the building, I made a beeline toward the bike. Damn, the leather is going to be spoiled now. I’ll spend all tomorrow getting it clean. Pulling out the helmets, I left the one for Faith on the saddle while I put the weapons away safe and put my own helmet on. Time to get a move on, this is making me very nervous.

“I’ll drop you at the hotel, “ I murmured, glancing over at her to see if she was ready.
Faith: trade all my tomorrows- tinkermelliewickedslayer on August 22nd, 2005 09:22 am (UTC)
He went straight for the motorcycle and I kinda hung behind a little bit. Not to go all cliche or nothin' but it looked like my job was pretty much done here. Not much more for a girl to do once the big bad was toast inside. Not like I needed to protect Wesley from anything else and the pounding in my head had stopped throbbing the minute I killed the first beastie in the kitchen. Killed the monster, saved the damsel. Check and check.

He put the gay little pink helmet back on the bike and I just stared at it again. Hey, job was done, deal was over. No more bein' Wesley's little bitch and it was time to go home, shower and see my girl for a little between the sheets TLC. Hotel wasn't all that far away from here and the idea of gettin' back on that bike with Wes appealed less and less to me as time went on. Nope. Not goin' there. Just gonna go home.

"Naw, it's cool." I said with a shrug as he glanced over my way to see if I was comin' or not. Big fat not. He was still all weirded out about me and I knew that Queen C was right. Eventually I was gonna have to make nice with my old watcher and this was a start. Maybe one of these days I'll get up the guts to really apologize.

"Hotel's not far. I think I'll just walk it." I stood there and met his eyes for a few minutes, neither one of us sayin' anything. Dunno. Maybe this was a start, who the fuck was I to say? Not like I had any experience in playin' nice.

"Guess I'll see ya." With that I turned on my heels and started headin' back to the hotel.