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07 July 2005 @ 09:12 am
The greatest show on earth  
"Wolfram and Hart!" I said, as Tara and I stood in the atrium that takes up a substantial portion of our building. I realized I was declaiming, and lowered my voice a few notches.

The tour had gone well so far. I'd handed off the keys to some lackey who would have it serviced, detailed and necro-tempered glass installed in the windows within the next two hours or I would hand him his head. Knowing the firm, they would probably add their own touches, and I made a mental note to let Tara know about them. I personally had left the listening devices in, since a bug in the hand is worth half a dozen installed where you don't know about them... but it was a manner of personal choice.

And now we stood at the nexus of power. "The firm was founded so long ago that no one is entirely sure when it originated. Here on Earth we're a huge international law firm, in some other dimensions we're the priesthood or the government. We're always the establishment, though, and even on this plane there is no corner of the world where our tendrils don't reach."

I flashed my card to get past security, since their vampire sniffer was having a panic attack at the end of its chain. "She's with me. As I was saying, Wolfram and Hart's goal is to bring about the apocalypse and the triumph of Hell." I hesitated. "Well, eventually. Like all businesses, we mainly work to perpetuate ourself. Apocalypses come and go, as you no doubt learned back in Sunnydale, but a good corporation is forever."

We stepped into the elevator. "You're a witch... I bet you might enjoy the library. You've never seen anything like it."

((Open to Tara))
Tara Maclay: Primal Urgessexytarawitch on July 26th, 2005 10:11 pm (UTC)
Alright, let's draw straws at what was boring me more, this tour or Lilah and her desperate tries to show off for this place...

I'm so fucking bored that I don't think setting her suit on fire to watch her scramble will cure it. I just want the car - after it's fixed up - and our new digs and to leave. I'd rather play games then be here, but then again a deal's a deal. She scratches my back and I won't scratch her eyes out.

She's only mortal so she'll die off pretty soon anyway, all the better for me.

I followed her into the elevator, crossing my arms over my chest and leaning against the back wall as she clammored away about the company. My ears perked up when she mentioned the library. "Oh, really..." A small grin crossed my lips. "Now what is so special about this library Lilah?" I purred softly, pushing off the wall with my shoulder and walking out after her when the elevator doors opened.

I could feel this place before I even looked around, it was filled with magick, some books long ago gone along with the magicks. Now this was a playground.
wolfhart_lilahm on July 31st, 2005 03:03 pm (UTC)
"Well, I'm not a witch, of course. But... you see those seven books right there? They're called..." I hesitated, pointing at the table. You had to memorize these at your orientation quiz, but that had been seven years ago for me and I wasn't 100% sure anymore.

"Prophesies, Protective Spells, Attack Spells, Necromancy, Transportation Magic, Spells of Summoning, and... shit, what was number seven? Whatever. You open the appropriate book, say what you want, and it appears on the page. Try it if you like. It refers to the entire Wolfram and Hart library, which is, de facto, every magical text on this planet, plus a good selection of extradimensional and extraplanetary writings."

I could tell Tara was getting interested. All magical types love books of magic. "Now, if there's an ingredient you need for one of those spells, you'd step over here." There was a small box, about a foot on the side, made of incredibly battered wood. I laid my hand on top, said clearly, "An orb of Thessala", then lifted the lid and removed the small sphere. I held it out to Tara. "Anything larger than the box we can get for you in 24 hours or less."

"See anything you might be interested in trying on our behalf?"
Tara Maclay: Darknesssexytarawitch on July 31st, 2005 10:21 pm (UTC)
It was easy to see that Lilah wasn't any sort of witch, I don't think she's even cast a successful spell herself. It's a shame, with that bitchy attitude she'd make a great witch. Oh well, more for me.

I cocked my brow and laughed as she tried to tell the seven books that were on the table. Speak and it will give the spell...now that's some quick reference books if you ask me. "Nice." I smiled and walked over to one of the books, running my fingers over it and smiling. "Feels really good...I'm sure I'd love to have these in my collection..." I gave her a sugary smile before walking over to the box she walked to.

She held the orb out to me and I took it from her, dropping it onto the floor and smirking as it crashed. "Ms Morgan, if you want to impress a vampire witch, don't show her something that would give her soul back...Soul's are icky and should be removed...painfully."

I laughed and leaned against the table. "I want a box of Gavox; the one with the ancient spiders in it. I want to use them as a new...play toy for my 'guests'...I'm sure you understand."

Turning and running my fingers through my hair I looked over at Lilah. “On your behalf? Well I don’t know Lilah, I mean I just started, I need to get to know the books even better and I have no unearthly clue what you’d want me to do…”

I just wanted them to finish the car so I could go surprise Spike with our new toy…and break it in…several times.
wolfhart_lilahm on July 31st, 2005 10:53 pm (UTC)
Well, shit, one shattered orb of Thessala, ten thousand bucks I'll have to expense-account. Accounting had better not get in my face about it. Obnoxious little cow.

"I would never want to give you back your soul. We've got enough issues with souled vampires as it is. It was just an example. However the books don't work outside the building, and the box needs a high-level clearance to work. Standard security, I'm afraid."

I leaned back on the table. "The thing with the company is that we tend to ask you to do things you'd be willing to do anyway. At the moment I've got nothing for you to do, which is why you get one fixed up car, one fixed up apartment, one box of Gavox, and fuck-all else. Now, in the future... that's another thing." I smiled. "I've got some work to do. Feel free to look through the books. And, heaven forfend I order you to do anything, but if you were to look up "Shanshu" in the prophecies book and had some clever ideas as to how you could help us out, I'd be delighted to hear them. On Monday. Have a good weekend."

I slipped out of the room.